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what takes me back why Academy is they have the software agnostic policies it's not necessarily any set technologies they use things excites me with Ike Adam in what they do with the clients is a sense of what they're getting is not one consultant that goes on site to see them they get our collective knowledge I think is the is the element of working with clients new tenants or building a partnership model but also looking at data and the importance of data now in the economy does a lot about people here and I think we set it all up in away a lot of the consultants go in and and meet me people's these all easier this very busy we are like any business you know 35 person business we are changing more growing lots of things we don't turn eighteen new processes were acquiring new clients will acquire was a new stuff as we grew so it's very interesting it's that dynamic no D is the same it's a good place to be it's fun and there's nothing like enjoying yourself a work it's lively and can eventually change the changes people move in in their clients but the guys of course I can I get school one of the things that were looking at is a transport agenda so if you absolutely could worse what's happening there the connectivity Commission what it means in terms of the city centers we've worked with ending chairs all the boards NHS and indeed the governing body of and chair Scotland for the since the inception of the business but and we've expanded NHS considerably over the years it's definitely about growth is about attracting the right people great people with the right attitude and understanding what it's like it's important uh and on to community with fast-moving business this is growth velocity for thousand seven two thousand twelve we've seen twenty plus percent agree with the court reporter I do see us window I think the markets ready I think is going to make sure that we are ready to deliver against their our clients needs we've done business and continue to do business all all three of the UK we are headquartered in class one and very close that a five-point thing whilst were being the second fastest growing city in the UK where they say wonder if we operate in class both of the Albertine a Manchester London and pestle spent tens a lot partner channel with you with some of the major Cleo's IBM one of them in terms of and we the Institute in terms of analytics machine learning blocked in so we also deal with fostering companies like tableau who specializes in fertilization I think we are we have to to certain extent about vanish clip non-tangible size the ability to make decisions quickly it's apply your glue and business so therefore we can have decisions made at the end of a phone call or within 5 minutes thank you in terms of development is this huge I mean up as I said been here six months when the absolute Alice's are God human ability crisis obviously not a visuals it's been very same thing every day but it's my thigh Academy or commit onion is something every dates that faces every day as well and notice the same

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