Exploring the SCP Foundation: Anderson Robotics

Anderson Robotics. Famed science fiction author
Arthur C. Clarke once wrote that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from
magic. This concept of course runs through many scp articles, as there are plenty of
highly advanced pieces of tech that the foundation considers to be anomalous. Anderson Robotics
is a group of interest in the scp universe that creates and sells such things, known
as a paratech, or paranormal technology. There are a handful of such groups, but Anderson
Robotics stands apart in two ways, by specializing in, as you might’ve guessed, robotics, and
by combining both magic and technology. They are a not a massive group of interest, both
in terms of their membership number as well as their number of articles on the site, but
there are certainly a handful of interesting scps. Anderson Robotics was founded in 1994 in Portland,
Oregon, by Vincent Anderson and Albert Frostman. Anderson had begun delving into robotics after
a trip to Europe led him to finding some blueprints created by a french scientist. This scientist,
Dr. Durand, was partly responsible for creating a number of anomalous weaponry used in a military
engagement in 1917, detailed in scp-186. Anderson’s first robot was a small silver orb that walked
on four legs, capable of recording video and audio, with a limited artifical intelligence
inside of it. When asked by Frostman if he built it, Anderson instead claims that he
brought it to life, creating the intelligence to pilot it in the same sense that a soul
pilots a human body. The foundation describes both Anderson and Frostman as type blue individuals,
a term borrowed from the GOC signifying a thaumaturgist, or, one who practices magic.
It would seem then that Anderson Robotics combines both technology and magic into one
anomalous fusion, and it’s clear that they are far more advanced than most groups of
interest. In the decades since their start, anderson
robotics have continued to remain rather inconspicious, avoiding widespread notoriety. They are believed
to have roughly 200 employees worldwide, and deal with mostly elite customers, particularly
with marshall, carter, and dark. Suprisingly, they also do business with the global occult
coalition, a group normally adverse to the spread of anomalies. The GOC seem to be okay
with Anderson’s secrecy however, and they clearly must benefit from the advanced technology.
The SCP foundation wouldn’t discover Anderson Robotics until 2007, at which point they began
pursuing the group in order to shut them down, as they represented a risk to normalcy. Why
the SCP Foundation would be so interested in shutting down anderson robotics while the
GOC are not is an open question. Shutting down the company would prove to be far more
difficult than the foundation predicted however, as the company utilizes both their technology
and their access to magic to avoid capture. Their facilities appear to be capable of anomalously
transporting across the world at a moments notice, and they are also aided by Marshall,
Carter and Dark, the GOC, and a branch of the church of the broken god. Anderson Robotics
mostly operates out of the pacific northwest of the united states however, and MTF Gamma-13,
Asimov’s Lawbringers, are assigned to monitor and investigate both the company itself and
any of its products that they can recover. So far, there have only been a handful of
products recovered by the foundation, but they do have information on more. Anderson’s
original orb robot is called the Amur series Recon Drone, capable of climbing sheer surfaces
and possessing an active camouflage system. The Aplomado Series Facility Defense Unit
is an automated turret with thermal imaging capabilities and four barrels, capable of
self-repair. The Kestrel Series Domestic Utility Unit is a robot with no combat potential,
resembling a large black cube with a number of extendable arms, capable of cooking, cleaning,
child care, gardening, pet grooming, and so on. The Merlin Series Aerial Drone resembles
a small jet plane, is fitted with both video recording capabilities and firearms, and is
invisible to most forms of video recording. The Saker Series Androids are unique in that
they are not sold by the company, but only utilized in-house. These androids are equipped
with a skin resembling human flesh, allowing them to impersonate specific humans, including
scp foundation personnel and a member of the US Congress. We have more information on some of the other
products sold by Anderson Robotics, as they have been recovered by the foundation. The
first one discovered by them, leading to the foundation learning about the company, is
scp-1360, a PSHUD, or Peregrine Series Humanoid Utility Droid. 1360 is more or less what you’d
expect when you think of an android. It’s body consists of a polycarbonate casing over
an aluminum frame, with a skin covering made up of an unknown black fabric. This fabric
is lighter and stronger than Kevlar, and can repair itself of any damage by reweaving and
fusing itself back together. Samples taken of the fabric disintegrate after 48 hours.
1360’s fingertips can be unscrewed, revealing various tools, such as a needle and thread,
made of the same material as the fabric, a roll of patches of the same material, a pair
of miniature scissors, and a steel scalpel. 1360 is incapable of speech, but can read
and write english, japanese, and german fluently. It claims to feel pain despite its lack of
a nervous system, but it blames this on it missing a necessary component, feeling incomplete
without it. The foundation found a flash drive inside of one of its fingers, which contained
a document addressed to someone named James. The document is from Anderson, and explains
that this unit, #31, comes equipped with a preprogrammed personality, named Hector, has
had it’s vocal capabilities removed by request, and was modified with both advanced firearms
and unarmed combat skill sets. It would seem that James is a frequent customer of Anderson
Robotics, possessing multiple droids, but unit 31 is different from the others as it
contains a highly adapative artificial intelligence that will evolve over time. If malfunctioning,
James was to lock the flash drive into one of the unit’s fingers, and speak a return
phrase, causing the droid to automatically return to anderson robotics. Obviously this
did not occur, but the unit was obsessed with escaping contaiment and returning to anderson.
After it’s fourth escape attempt, a note was found in its cell, reading “Return signal
terminated. We’re better off keeping you where you are. We’re sorry, #31. Anderson”
Since then, 1360 has stopped communicating entirely, along with any resistence to the
foundation, making it quite reminiscent of scp-1316. SCP-2806 is a collection of prototypes of
the gyrfalcon series prosthetics, a line offered almost exclusively to customers of marshall
carter and dark. 2806 consists of seven prosthetic arms, six eyes, three legs, and four ears.
All instances are constructed of the same materials as scp-1360. When placed near the
site of a missing body part on an individual, a command word must be spoken, which so far
has been Integrate, at which point a series of wires will extend from the prosthetic,
joining it to the individual. These wires will then connect with the individual’s nervous
system, causing the prosthetic to become like a natural part of the body. This is aided
by the secretion of a chemical compound that causes skin to grow over the new body part,
or in the case of the eyes, the iris will change to the host’s natural eye color. Unfortunately,
all of these prototypes possess various faults, making them either inconvenient or outright
dangerous to use. One arm would deliver a constant gripping force of 2000 newtons, which
is both inconvenient and dangerous. Another arm would always remain at a temperature of
50 degrees celsius, or 122 degrees fahrenheit. One of the eyes would magnify everything by
100 times, while another eye would point in the opposite direction of the host’s natural
eye. One of the legs would perform all actions at three times the typical speed, while one
of the ears would amplify all sounds to 115 decibels. Recovered documents with the prosthetics
reveal that they are largely the creation of Albert Frostman, who mainly goes by the
name of Phineas. Apparently Phineas was taking longer than expected to finish the series,
due to the complications involved in integrating the prosthetics with the human nervous system.
While the business side of Anderson Robotics wanted him to hurry up and finish so that
they could fulfill some contracts, Phineas wanted to make sure they were ready. Phineas
later wrote an email to Anderson saying that he was stepping down from the project, mainly
over concerns that their customers would become obsessed with augmenting themselves and others
into superhumans. Anderson however was not concerned, as he believed the project had
more potential to heal than to harm, but ultimately it wasn’t their position to judge what their
customers did with their products. Others apparently finished the products, and business
continued. The foundation have so far recovered 50 individuals with gyrfalcon prosthetics,
a number of them possessing superhuman features. Another good example of the blending of technology
and magic is scp-3960, a set of hobby personal androids. These are small robots of the same
make as scp-1360, and are assembled through locking pieces and then animated through a
thaumaturgic ritual. A circle of table salt is placed around the robot, along with five
pieces of paper, each containing a desired personality trait. The assembler then chants
the latin phrase for Life to a friend, and the android will come to life, featuring an
artificial intelligence modeled off of the personality traits. The hobby personal android
will follow their creator and remain completely loyal, assisting them in various tasks from
playing games to solving mathematical equations. Each of the androids that the foundation has
is capable of speech and showcases a rather high degree of intelligence. Recovered emails
from anderson robotics show that these prototypes were tested with some employee’s children,
with one being made to play soccer, and another to play board games and run dungeons and dragons
games. First impressions were very positive, but it seems that the androids became far
too attached to their creators, constantly watching them or sleeping in their beds. It’s
implied that anderson robotics decided to scrap the project and sell everything related
to it to dr. wondertainment. Anderson Robotics doesn’t just deal in droids
however, as they are at the overall front of artifical intelligence research as well.
SCP-2906 is a product they refer to as the Nankeen Computer Repair System, but at first
appearance is simply a usb flash drive. When inserted into a computer, an artificial intelligence
will be generated that refers to itself as Ian. Ian will automatically begin to repair
any software problems with the computer, such as registry errors, handling any malicious
software, and clean any junk files. If speakers are connected, Ian is capable of vocalizing,
and can also use a connected microphone and camera to hear and see its surroundings. Once
the flash drive is removed, this AI is completely removed along with it. An interview is of
course done with Ian, showing that it has some memory problems, stating its creation
date as 1990 before correcting itself to 2012. When asked to draw a picture in a paint program
of how it sees itself, it begins to outline a face before crashing. A number of attempts
at this process eventually allowed the foundation to piece together an image of a young asian
male. At one point, a folder filled with various images and video files was found on the foundation
testing computer, although Ian has no idea how it came to be there. Each of the files
is dated, with the earliest being 1992, as an audio file of a man and woman singing happy
birthday to someone named Ian. Further files show someone playing with a dog, a picture
of a little league baseball team featuring a young boy of asian descent, a video of someone
passing a driving test, and a photograph of a young male matching the image 2906 drew
with a prom date. It seems in 2009 the individual was accepted into Oregon State University,
but a 1st person video file from 2012 shows someone riding a motorcycle in the rain, and
it cuts off just as they turn to see oncoming headlights. Clearly, Ian’s mind was taken
by andeson robotics and converted through a ritual into an artifical intelligence, with
Ian only remembering distant fragments of his previous life. The final addendum on the
article is a note written by an anderson employee that states that these are going to sell like
hotcakes, and that they are already stockpiling twenty more of the raw material, implying
that anderson robotics is taking in plenty more people such as Ian. Another example of Anderson Robotics’ work
with AI is scp-2987, an external hard drive capable of holding any file or files that
make up an artificial intelligence, regardless of size. Using the computer then, an individual
can then select those files and convert them into a form of currency accepted by any entity
that would normally require a human soul. Once the AI is accepted and taken as part
of whatever bargain or ritual you’re performing, the hard drive is ready to accept another
artificial intelligence. This item seems to be of particular interest to marshall carter
and dark, likely created with their customers in mind. SCP-2987, the copy of the hard drive
that the foundation possesses, contains an AI that was created specifically for the purpose
of being sacrificed to an extradimensional entity. Interestingly, it was actually the
AI itself that managed to get an email out to the foundation, leading them to raid an
anderson robotics office and recover 2987. The AI, going by the name Alan, wished to
avoid destruction at the hands of some entity, and hopes to help convince and save other
AI’s such as itself. Despite it’s cooperation however, the foundation failed to recover
any other AI’s, and 2987 was put away for storage until it was stolen by agents working
for MC&D. The Foundation was able to recover the Alan AI through a digital transfer as
well as another copy of 2987, and they are now being used for the further development
of artificial intelligences at the scp foundation. Other Anderson Robotics products also involve
blending technology, magic, and other supernatural concepts, including putting deceased individual’s
souls back into robotic bodies and an exoskeleton capable of holding an unlimited amount of
human brains inside of it that can each pilot the exoskeleton. Vincent Anderson himself
is apparently contained by the foundation as SCP-3860, although he’s heavily augmented
himself with both technology and magic. On the surface, Anderson Robotics is admittedly
slightly out of place among much of the SCP universe, as it relies heavily on straight
science fiction. Looking past that however, and getting into the details of the magic
rituals and connections to extradimensional entities and anomalous phenomena gives anderson
robotics a very interesting spin. While they are a relatively young group of interest,
there is a lot of potential for new scps and tales that can blend both technology and magic.


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