Exploit Your Demand and Supply Planning with SAP HANA

imagine a control center for all your supply chain planning data that lets you instantly track forecast accuracy in real time and compare it with previous periods to identify root causes of forecast inaccuracies these critical insights are vital in today's global economy we're short planning cycles and demand driven supply chains are becoming the norm SI p supply chain info center is a new hannah powered application that can help you fully exploit your demand and supply planning data to accelerate reporting for better decision-making and deliver new insights not possible before the solution leverages the powerful SI p on a platform to accelerate your supply chain reporting requests and deliver near real-time analytics and insights this allows you to easily and quickly analyze your forecast accuracy over different time horizons and across multiple dimensions such as region product group or distribution channel with the ability to quickly analyze different planning and forecast situations and drill down into granular data you can quickly uncover key trends and identify reasons for bad forecasts allowing you to lower supply chain costs and respond faster to customer demand the power of the SI p hana platform lies in its advanced in-memory computing that reduces reporting time from hours to seconds just think of all the time you currently spend compiling generating and waiting for supply chain reports being able to report all your data in real-time on any level of detail allows you to make faster and better decisions with your essay p advanced planner and optimizer apo solution seamlessly embedded at the point of decision access to planning data has never been easier and supply chain decision-making has never been faster easily strike the right balance between service level and inventory take advantage of user driven experiences to allow fast and easy adoption understand today what will be your projected service level in the future easily evaluate your supply plan with predefined KPIs for inventory and supply projection drill down into the details from location to material group to product and check development over time focus on bottlenecks and take immediate action and able demand driven supply chains in real time with sa p supply chain info center powered by sa p honey

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