Exelon Speeds Utility Data Analytics, Protect It 50x Faster

before Exadata there were problems implementing certain solutions in the utility world we're deploying smart meters to every customer so in exelon where we have 10 million customers 10 million reads every hour 24 hours a day that's a lot of data from Exadata our greatest benefit is the ability to process all of our data in real time without the exudative technology we don't feel that it would be possible to do the kind of processing of this data warehouse that we're able to do today excellence utility data analytics platform is currently a hundred and seventy terabytes and growing tremendously every day we're getting up to 80 X compression on that data which really saves a lot on storage your database and your data is your most important asset so that data needs to be backed up and protected excellence backup solution before the recovery appliance was network-attached storage some of those backups for the large databases would take two days to complete and for the tremendous load on the database servers we no longer have to do weekly full backups so what exelon so it's 50 times faster and it used to be so we don't have that load on the servers anymore you

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