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I speak Greek Spanish Polish French Japanese Intermediate-level Thai English and Japanese Spanish, Vietnamese and Greek French, Spanish and Italian When I was a teenager, I lived in the U.S. for a year. And then I came back to Europe and I switched on the TV and started watching an English channel like BBC And I couldn’t understand a single thing they were talking about, because the accent was so different. When I arrived in the UK and I started to use my English,
a lot of my university friends found it very funny to make me believe that a squiggle is a female of a squirrel. And it was quite cruel I think, looking back, but very funny afterwards. The first thing I found was that speaking the second language is almost exhausting. And it took me much longer than I thought to be able to speak in a group. When I moved to London, when I lived in the UK, what was really interesting was this is London, the multicultural city. I thought I was going to only speak to the British people with British accent. Actually, most of the people I met were non-British. When I moved to Malaysia and entered an international school, obviously everyone speaks English, and there were not many Japanese there. So I had to communicate in English to make friends and to attend classes. I couldn’t even say ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘okay’ whatsoever. The idea of Excedo that we came up with excites me, because of many things. Learning English opened up a lot of new opportunities for me personally so I feel very close to. I actually enjoy language learning and I think
it is one of the key skills that you need in today’s world. We’re trying to do something new, we’re trying to redesign how English learning is done and I think we are doing something that no one else has tried before. We have a common path we want to take that we want to do something which makes language learning effective. The one thing that excites me most about Excedo is being able to transform people’s working life and improve their careers and the potential and touching people all around the world. This is not specific to any country. I’m hoping people to work better together. I think that is the universal nature of it, and how far we can reach and make an impact a positive impact on people’s lives is quite exciting.

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