Essex Centre for Data Analytics

driven by an ambition to reduce harm provide better services to our communities and protect the most vulnerable people in our County Essex Police the University of Essex and Essex County Council have joined together to combine our data skills and knowledge to create powerful insights producing positive change within our communities the potential for using data to improve lives is significant when combined with the shared experience of our communities data generates powerful insight that can guide the decisions we make about the kind of Essex we all want to live learn and work in that's why the Essex Centre for data analytics is bringing together data from across sharing it safely and without identifying individuals to generate new insight that informs how we plan our future together the strength of Essex is in its people ensuring they are at the heart of the Essex Centre for data analytics and the opportunities for our County unites us to shape the big things that matter to all of us working together building trust sharing our skills of knowledge and expertise enables us to amplify all that is good within Essex and create a county where every single person has a support the opportunity and the self belief to fulfill the promise of their potential be part of the equation actor is your starting point where to now join us at Essex future or UK forward slash actor

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