Esgyn IoT Platform Demo Video

what is the Internet of Things we can start by taking a look at a single sensor say a Wi-Fi connected refrigerator it can read and send its internal temperature to whatever needs the data through the internet but when we have thousands millions or even billions of refrigerators cars and even medical implants it becomes a giant network of devices all communicating massive amounts of data this is what we call the Internet of Things so let's take a look at a bus it's got lots of data it's sending back to HQ speed location capacity fuel and much more that much data even a personal computer could handle but the transportation industry isn't a single bus it's got thousands of buses all communicating the same type of data at the same time a transportation company has to be able to handle that let's say we've got all the data stored safely no problem but what if a bus fails due to a pop tire or spawn behind schedule due to traffic then the company has to get real alerts when things go wrong of course they're going on a graph this data and use it to predict what might go wrong in the future to keep their customers happy this entire process boils down to four problems massive data ingestion real-time alerts real-time analytics and advanced predictive analytics with currently available solutions handling all four problems is a big mess some solutions are good at data ingestion but are terrible with analytics some can give real-time alerts but can't hold the data long enough predictive analysis putting these solutions together end up with data being moved around needlessly resulting in higher costs and more headaches when something inevitably goes wrong here at esken we've developed a solution that can handle all four of these workloads with ease let's take a look we don't have thousands of buses at our disposal but what we do have is a virtual dashboard that we can use to spam our servers with as much data as we want we can submit this in real life by taking it from zero messages per second to a thousand this way we're taking the data and storing it into Escondida and real time now that we have the data we want to know when something goes wrong say there's a gas leak on the bus and it catches on fire we can see that this data is immediately sent to the server and a few seconds later an alert is triggered letting us act on it if we want to perform analytics on the data we need to have enough to analyze it not only does our solution report the live data but it also stores it persistently for later use the fact that all the data from the beginning of time is kept in the database allows us to even do advanced analytics making predictions from past data for the future so now we have the solution but how do we use it no need to worry we use any IOT protocol like MQTT to communicate our data making it possible to switch from other providers to Eskin effortlessly thus letting you reap the benefits of less data movement and lower costs

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