Ericsson in IoT

in the digitalized Network societies everything that benefits from being connected will they connected in this new world our utilities a major role it's not just about connecting devices to the Internet and connecting them to each other it's about using those connections and the data that they generated to create value for businesses and create value for people to move if you look at where the Internet of Things is today we are still in a very very early stage of this for some industries there will be big big transformation of business models relating to the IOT I think for businesses the risk is that they they miss that opportunity or they're very late in coming to it and in fact they become in this place future of energy efficiency now is about giving companies tools and information to be more compelling on the market Alvin has always been connected with technologies that mix data and information coming from a place I mean sending them to another now that we have a iot technologies available what we want to do was try to map the company not just using economical parameters but making a map that is based on information coming from the energy flowing soda company and have to face big challenges on the market really need a deployer in a pipe so that's why we have chosen Ericsson in our IT labs across the globe we innovate together with our customers and bring new exciting solutions to the market let's take an example from Brazil they decided to modernize their Public Safety from Stockholm 150th flats are connected the solutions gives the ability to actually steer the energy consumption our leadership in the 5g secure connectivity for applications like remote surgery as well as self-driving course the most digitalized connected cars link and growth launching a core sharing app which enables the owner to share the car the promise of the IOT world is that it delivers greater efficiency and a better customer experience you may be customer that's buying some things you may be a customer that's using a service it's the promise of the IOT is that it will deliver this much better and more sustainable world for all about you you

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