Equity.Guru video: Patriot One Technologies' (PAT.V) cutting-edge public security

now I don't know about you but every time I see a terrorist attack a shooting or anything crazy like that I think surely somebody could have stopped them I mean there is no way that there isn't technology out there that can prevent the sort of thing well turns out there is and these guys have just partnered with a 50 billion dollar giant in the defense sector hi this is Fabi with equity guru and today I am looking at Patriot 1 technologies now when I looked at their technology I thought yeah right I mean does it really work then I took a look at the market cap I started to understand the company a little better its development stage then I finally looked at who they're partnering with and then I had to admit ok there is something to the story let's check it out so you may remember this from a couple years back but there have been instances where perpetrators or terrorists whatever you want to call them have been able to stage an attack before the security line at an airport I believe this has happened before at LAX a few years ago and I've heard of something similar happening also in Belgium so Patriot one is developing three different types of technologies and they can all work in tandem whereby the user would you know pay for the technology and most importantly a subscription to that technology and so you have here the CMR which is where they could actually find if you have a gun so they actually hold it and we're gonna get into this quite soon they hold a technology that has been developed within a university that is able to detect for example guns and bombs and things like that with a high frequency electromagnetic technology there is also Pat scan STS which can detect airborne compounds so if somebody is carrying a compound a chemical that they shouldn't be hats can can actually detect that and there is Pat's can VRS which is I guess the most exciting technology right now because it uses video surveillance and machine learning in order to detect any sort of suspicious behavior so as soon as say you pull into an airport and you get out of your car there are already cameras they're watching you we all know this I mean if you've ever been to London then I'm sorry you've been videotaped all over the place wherever you are and so the VRS technology is there in order to suspect anything that is out of place now when you're talking about something like this it's so specific it's such a tiny market in the way that there is only a handful of defense companies around but the ones that are around and gain commercial success they are multi multi-billion dollar companies and the way that this works is you need to be an insider into this industry I mean if you and I came up with a technology you know that helped in any way to prevent terrorism and such things then you'd better know somebody that currently works or has worked for you know the FBI the CIA homeland the TSA or something like that otherwise you're probably not even gonna get a meeting with these guys so when I look at the Patriot 1 team I see all the right agencies all the right letters right here we see a Department of Foreign Affairs we see international diplomacy with a British government British police officer you go over to their advisors and you see somebody who's served as the first US Secretary of Homeland Security this is huge and he's an advisor to the company you also see somebody who served as a chief constable of Victorian Vancouver Police Department's etc etc so that's a huge checkmark in my book now it's important to recognize what stage of development there so part of their technology was first developed in McMaster University and this obviously had some implications in that you can get a lot of government support and grants in order to develop these technologies so that's always a plus then phase 2 which happened you know from that after seven years of development is you know to start running it in a few different ways obviously it says here that they reach ninety three point seven percent true positive detection rate this from a sales and marketing point of view is huge it is a lot better than not having it however in order to get it operational you can't have more than six percent false detection or you know false positives in a normal environment you can you know get six percent wrong detection in say an airport where thousands upon thousands of people are navigating every single day so that takes us into the live environment research and this is where they will take or they have taken all the information of real people going past these machines and grabbing that information and further developing the product then there is the the paid pilot deployment that has already started and where we're at right now is the relationships with the resellers in the different markets and the people that they're trying to sell to now when I see resellers to me it's it tells me that this is a very difficult product to sell and it couldn't be any different because this is so specific the people who are interested in this type of technology unfortunately sometimes only actually pay for this after the worst has happened so prevention is a tough sell but if they can get into some airports if they can get into some universities or places that would be prone to the these types of attacks then it bodes well for them now a very important partner that Patriot one has and I always look for confirmation in a really know that well is are they able to partner up with the big guys and they definitely have done that so Raytheon Canada has a non-dilutive cash financing of three million Canadian dollars with Patriot one and this is super important because Raytheon is eight twenty seven billion dollar company so when it comes to security they're really the name in town so this is to help them further develop and deploy their technologies and this is what we have to be looking for at this stage it's all about sales it's about closing sales so at this stage of the game Patriot one is into getting deals done in the sense that they need customers they need their sellers to do a good job at selling the material or even selling it directly it's time to really get the ball rolling when it comes to hard sales and numbers coming in so watch out for that in the next I don't know maybe six to twelve months because this is going to tell you whether the clients think that the technology is any good and so this came out just at the end of May very recent and this is approximately a six million dollar deal that they have with Kramer and Kramer as a reseller is very important because they were actually a supporter of Patriot one from way back when they were testing it so because Kramer has been watching us closely and they can finally come to the point where they're willing to put money down and invest in this deal that's huge and I'm not talking about investing as in they're bringing money into the company know they're they're buying it they're licensing it so this is what you really want to see in the next number of months its sales sale sales the development is is going to happen happen I guess most of the development for this technology or for these technologies is behind us now obviously the last few percentage points of improvement take a lot longer than then the first part but at the end of the day if this is something that is worthy of millions of dollars of somebody's money then we can assume that the technology is good enough so watch out for the sales in the coming months now Patriot Warren Technologies has just been upgraded to the Toronto Stock Exchange from the venture their stock price has been not the greatest since March they still hold a half or a quarter of a billion dollar market cap and something I didn't really love seeing right here is the sale of common shares by Dinesh Tandon chata and I'm sorry I'm probably butchering this directors name I however have not found his name on the roster here as management or advisor maybe he is a previous director of the company or just something of that sort so it was a bit worrisome when I first saw it but because I don't see him anywhere on the presentations maybe that isn't such a huge worry and another humongous partnership that they have is Cisco Systems yes the Cisco that you have heard about many many times so this is apprenticeship whereby they can work together on network solutions data solutions etc etc this is huge when you know two companies like Cisco and Raytheon come on board you already know that if these guys can sell enough if the technology actually sticks then you have to very large dare I say possible acquires I mean this was would be really the best case scenario and you know anything around 1 billion dollars will probably be chump change for any of these two companies so if you are hopeful or positive on where Patriot 1 is going this bodes very well after checking some of their cedar documents I could confirm that they have around 60 million dollars in the till so any smaller corporation that's acting and developing interesting things in the space could possibly be bought out by them and it's not like they lack money in order to do advertising and marketing for their products and services so not holding my breath for financing or anything like that I believe that you know they have a decent run rate with the amount of money that they have right now very positive I'll be watching Patriot 1 for some time for sure that's Patriot 1 technologies p8t in Toronto Stock Exchange and PTO GF on the OTC

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