Environmental Informatics Masters Degree program

I didn't know anything about environmental sciences really and so I wanted to make sure I came to a program that could teach me about that while I was learning the technology as well environmental informatics combines a variety of information technologies to provide information for science and decision making about environment that we have people in economics and people in ecology we have people in bio field whatever it's that diverse environment you can apply your skills to real water problems we didn't what's called a macro invertebrate studies we were actually waded into rivers and found bugs and use those bugs to figure out whether the stream was healthier or not listener is a great place for students who have a passion for solving environmental problems and who want to do that in a way that is crowded and s science and social science available and it's really easy to get to know people here at SN re you can find people from different countries different rates different backgrounds and people are friendly to each other it's really nice to have a community like this find something that really appeals to you something that makes you you know just burst for joy and go for it

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