English 12 JULY 2019 – The Hindu Editorial News Paper Analysis [UPSC/SSC/IBPS] Current Affairs

hello guys my name is Amit Sahni and I welcome you in this daily canastas video in the morning these videos come in the evening the mcq lessons they come so Current Affair based context based and derived questions we are discussing in the evening lesson so the facts in the newspaper also in the magazine also in some other PIV source or any other government website source I am taking questions from and here we are discussing the articles and important details let's start the lesson 12th of July artists and the pocket news have trending on the Google Play you can download that you can access these affordable courses by study IQ now faculties that they have made these courses so that the description is given below the video and all these important courses are available you can call on these numbers and you can always visit the website also and here the PDF you can get here the Facebook page is there actually it is a group it's not a page it's a group actually one page is also there with my name and this is the group so there you can find the PDF and you can find the link to telegram channel also and you can follow me on Instagram too now these are the important words so that I found today you can use them from the articles today important 4GS paper to mainly it is talking about the electoral reforms the former cyc CC EC sorry sy Qureshi he talks on this electoral forms issue many times he talked on the EVM issue also and electoral reforms are a kind of a delight for him when the empties they discussed in legislature there and they raised six major themes their appointment system for Election Commissioners and Chief Election Commissioner money power electronic will turning voting machines idea of simultaneous elections and the role of social media that they call sheet India platforms for sure they have cheated Indian platforms as a consequence today and the government data surrogate advertisements all things all things are very controversial and very very in a problematic form today you see how the elections can be fair fairer and more a representative these are issues should be solved first there only we can imagine about that you see the condition of the the body Election Commission of India it's a constitutional body we all know about that article 324 them and if Election Commissioners is an important constitutional post and he's appointed by the president but he cannot be removed in the same simple manner impeachment is the process although the name impeachment is not even but in the same form the the Supreme Court judge is being removed in the same way we can remove Chief Election Commissioners but the additional to Election Commissioners which were added later and they change the whole process with the consensus the decisions are coming so they were added later and no such condition is there regarding a removal or appointment like CEC with them so they can be removed any time they can be appointed any a time but they can impress the digit making process so that's the case as natural is problematic and forty process is being adopted here and it is going on second money bar according to a report 70,000 rupees work wasted in a sense we must say it is wasted because there is no meaning of this kind of campaigning first of all and divisive and just emotionally provocative campaigning no talks of development no issues discuss there and it is a one-way communication I always say these are the very communications so what is the use of spending this much money spending thousands of crores of rupees you can do a lot of great things with that thousands of crores of rupees and one-way communication just big stages are created pictures videos are circulated and and nothing productive it is coming from there you can address the people with the help of media also with the help of radio also with the help of some other internet platform also if in the same manner you are taking this campaign what is the use of those heavy spendings there what is the use and the Supreme Court decision regarding the issue in the 1974-75 the Supreme Court talking about the election expenditure so that decision should be maintained there so that is the case of money part electronic voting machine as I have discussed earlier also electronic voting machines they have solved many problems like booth capturing and any other problems from the 80s and 90s which were at the peak at that time so those are solved but it is not like that it has made the process very perfect it is not the case they are not given the guarantee of perfection so when they are not giving the guarantee of perfection then there can be alternative ways of corruption who knows if the guarantee is not there why these developed countries are not following the way of electronic voting machine and why only Election Commission of India and the government is giving this guarantee what is the reason when they are inviting X inviting other parties then not X power no great experts are there some experts are there but not etiquette in a sense there there are technologies available and you can employ those technologies but no issue of discussing with them and you see it should be given to specific expert teams it is not the logical way that you you you have the allegation on yourself and you only given this clarification its suppose somebody says that Amit Sahni is a fraud then I will say that I am giving this guarantee and come to me and prove it to me at my home and no need to go to court said no need to go to anywhere I will I'm giving you the guarantee that I am not a fraud so would you believe me no but we are believing Election Commission of India because it is a constitution office what is what kind of logic is this so that's why the process should be handled with utmost perfection and the professionalism there and you see you can give it to a IT experts panels you can give it to some foreign experts panel who can give you this guarantee that is it foolproof system or not otherwise you have solved the issue booth capturing but if any kind of fraud is going on with a vm's how can you know it's a silent way of a new way of corruption so that is why it is not a guarantee that it's 100% safe way only the guarantee is given by the same buddy who who is so being alleged here so how can we say that and the issue of appointing those people as the commissioners what is their authenticity their integrity and their fearlessness America said that that tenor cannot be cannot be fixed why because there is no not no security in the constitutional Purohit provisions that if a nine-person and inefficient person or a fool takes up that office and he works in the pressure of executive or the any other particular fear then it is no use of running that office it would be inadequate and inefficient so when there is no provision to give that security so we cannot make that inner a fits fairer so that is also the case and that was cited by a MP there so that was a logic buyer a mr. America and the previous reports 1962 report by Adele very waspy on electro deforms the Goswami committee was there the Gupta committee was there or funding of Elections so all these things they have made many recommendations there and they need to answer some very very deep questions there why they have removed the cap on corporate donations 7.5 percent cap on corporate donations it was there but now they are removed what is the reason you see 70 thousand crore rupees are if they are spent or maybe six inaudible rupees according to a different report then this is not a small amount you cannot it crowd fun it simply with the legitimate means means for sure black money is rooting here and then you say that you will not tell you about these expenses that that who is the funding us of which company or which particular person is giving us money and how much money is being given so this is all a secret system and this is all a fraud system actually they introduce election warns to increase the transparency but actually in the reality they have made this a very very fraud system because now they have make made amendments in the FCRA act also so that more money can be given to these parties and all and right now the conditioner is a particular party is getting the maximum amount of friends so according to their at this one they have made these things and they are hounding before other people for the same fcra act for the same for any contribution act the people who are working for humanitarian issues some civil society groups some NGOs and all they are only for those people with the same FCRA act but they made amendments for their for their funding election funding and about the funding we will not tell you how much fun we are getting from which source so how can we know suppose a shallow company is created no proper business just a fraud system is going on and it raises crores of money and that is given to these political party so we will now know which company was that which company gave how much money to his party so what is the problem in the Willing that fun if I am a legitimate person if I am giving some money to some party then there is no issue of that particular for name because it is regarding the elections so why you cannot tell us about that funding and about the big funds maybe you give some particular clarification regarding will be regarding the bigger friends like friends more than 510 thousand rupees you reveal all of them and there should be a perfect a real-time monitoring of that particular thing and that should be our public domain important technologies can be deployed they are like the blockchain technology that can be deployed there that cannot be manipulated there so that's why all things will be transparent but they do not want to give you the transparent system because these are fraud people that is the clear case that is the clear understanding here and there is no issue in hiding those things and you clearly see that 6070 thousand rupees are being spent here that shows us that surely there is a fraud money here that's working so regarding the funds that's important point and a national electoral front it's a important suggestion that should be created and the crowdfunding can be there and capping the expenditure of the political parties it's an important goal Supreme Court judgment of 1975 that came regarding section 77 of RPA Act should be implemented and the banning of corporate donations that can be a option means totally bad should should be there on the corporate durations and a simple national electro fund can be created there so that is a legitimate one and the guarantee of these rules and water verified paper or it trails that that faith should be there these ballot papers they can be scanned before the grounding that is also a legitimate suggestion here and one big thing here they say that one nation of an election should be there they are pushing it for all the means and so hard they're pushing for it it's illogical in this sense the way they are pushing it why because here what we have seen once you elected MP or MLA that person is hello for next five years and that person will not show his or her face again and only during the action time or any major issue is there in that particular constituency then that person will appear like a celebrity and you cannot even see that person directly face to face you cannot talk to that person and that shows like a VIP a big celebrity is coming and there is a huge security threat so surrounded by security people a lot of money is spent on their security and something like that and this is the way and today's the phase where some MPs who are chosen and people unfortunately they have elected those people they are saying that they do not want to remain there at that post and they cannot discharge their duties like in the case of Surrey the old he says that please take a person in in place of me who would be discharging my duties so this is the face this is a joke of the democracy and this is a tight slap on the people and actually this slap should be coming because we are choosing these kind of people these kind of empties having chosen and on what name on the name of a particular leader okay on the name of Primus of this country you choose any kind of person here that was the trail in this Filosa violation and what kind of logic was that you are choosing the most important people most important authorities who will decide policies laws who will sign on the important documents there who will decide about the fate of the economy afraid of the employment situation fate of the industries there and environment concerns everything they will decide and they are choosing those people there we are sending those people in the temple of the democracy and these people they do not have any credibility they do not have any quality any professionalism they do not help just they chant the religious slogans there and they are just hailed like great leaders and a very problematic thing in this country in everything in every scheme in every proposal in every situation in every talk they say that a dream of a prime minister dream of a prime minister I am NOT against a prime minister and he's efficient man he is a very hardworking man but what is this logic calling him every time as at god what is the thing only he has visions any other person in this country they did not have any vision they do not have any dream what is the over healing and what is the point of calling him every time these are our prime minister's dream our prime minister's dream our prime ministers of vision there what is this thing what is this glorification is it a technocracy or is it a tie on the system is it a is he a king or ez a prime minister of a democracy what is this issue I am NOT against any person here I am just against this particular trend this is the trend leads towards the tyrannous system this is the trend made Hitler as a tyrant there why we are glorifying in this way and why we are just what we must say taking a different trajectory every time why we manipulate every proposal there and why we are paralleling a particular person with this mission the person cannot be a nation nation is made from many of people of this this kind who have collective dreams so it's a great thing that a person has dreams a leader has dreams but it is not less something like that every time you say that a person dreams and we are fulfilling those lips we should say that we are fulfilling country's dreams it is not Prime Minister's dream you have made a parallel here and that is a huge concern and that was the biggest problem in this elopes violation according to me as a teacher I must say this I cannot be silent on this this very problematic thing that's the case so I'm very sorry if somebody's offended I am NOT against any person I'm repeatedly saying I am just saying this trend is a really really objectionable that's the case and if it has happened in the past then that was also equally problematic and that's why we are at a phase where a lot of problems are surrounding us but still we see in all that he does that it's a glorifying India there is no mention of malnutrition there is no mention of unemployment there is no mention of inequality there is no mention of poverty there is no mention of hungry people there is no mention of injustice to the tribals there is no mention of people being thrown out on illegitimate regions just the glorification everywhere so this is wrong and this is wrong that on average Street we see the posters of the same person whom they are glorifying so hard every Minister every MP is glorifying what is the meaning is this a democracy or is it a tyrannous system so that is the case so we have to see these things and that's why this is totally let me do the elections because elections were running only on this topic and here the example of a party that the war share of a particular party is 20% but did not can get any seat 0 seats this is wrong because the first sorry the first-past-the-post system f TB TB system it has great flaws and it was adopted because of many limitations were there at that time we did not have that much money because one owed that much and you get it but today people are educated to be are spending six three thousand seven thousand rupees in elections but we are not replacing the system with the efficient the proportional representation system in the system what happens suppose 20 candidates are there and a person gets 8 percent of votes but other people other can deviate self they get less than 8 percent what does that mean that means that 92% people do not want that person maybe that person is a criminal maybe that that person is a is a fraud person maybe that person is not good not good character-wise and he is not good for women so 92 percent people know about that thing and only 8% maybe his support reduce um cost factor due to some other reason factor so people are reducing that and that person wins because he is getting work more than other candidates so this is FPTP system and about the other issue of proportional presentation where single person single the person who is going for the vote the voter he gives preferenced different preferences to all the candidates like I want this person on the first preference I would this person on the third second purse preference I want there was the third preference so this way a score is generated for every person and the maximum score means maximum acceptability so that person should win for sure so that's the efficient system but that was not followed and we have seen the system in the Rajas violation in the election of present there so that is the case so we should follow the more efficient system here and fidelity of the electoral roll is also a very legitimate legitimate thing so this way a lot of suggestions are there and you should go through the PDF I have discussed all these things and please think about all those things and tell me if I am being illogical here and if I make a mistake there so please mention there and if you think that it is appreciable than P share these videos so this is all in this article next regarding the obvious both the writer says that this trend is all established we have discussed this issue in the past also important for Z s paper two and three okay two and three and two writers kay cannon and Ravindran they say that scenario is still far from anything that would denote decent employment because the absolute numbers are declining for 67 million people who are employed and now for 61 economy is growing and not much machinery mccann mechanization and the machineries is being involved in the production there so these numbers should rise it is not something like every industry is using artificial technology perfectly and the numbers would decline it is not the case with India and not much of an infection is there so what is the reason that the numbers are declining they should rise they should have been more than 500 million but they are declining in the last six years and this is really problematic from 55 percent to forty nine point seven percent the labor force participation a very problematic issue next recent attempts by some to create an impression that self employment has not been captured by the sample survey this is a third lie this is a absolutely fast statement and this is protein misleading by the government and unemployment rate at 6.1 percent is a huge number so big this country and these numbers should rise because we have much more educated more skilled people but the unemployment is two point seven seven times offered to control number so on what grants we are saying that it's a glorious phase for India stable government is running and all the goals are being achieved India is looking at a different future there so greater problems and we are not discussing what we are discussing we are discussing the government there they are all busy in most reading they are busy in taking MLS on their side and forming a new government there and the people who are in the government they are complaining about those issues they say that it is always illegitimate so this these are all slaps on the people of this country but people of this country that deserve this kind of things because these people who are chosen who is showing their colours before the elections but people deliberately chose these people believing on some nonsensical issue of religion caste or some over emotional provoked and exaggerated nationalistic issues which had no issue with the election process those are different issues those are very sensitive issues but people chose these people and in the name of some particular leader and in a fascination to a particular the party there and just because they have subscript subscripts subscription to some emotional issues there maybe they're religious or memedia nationalistic or petrol petrol dick so that is the reason that no solution to these Berea problems there because they are busy in some nonsensical issues and they are claiming for those issues if they want to discuss these these things in Parliament debates where every minute costs lakhs of rupees then they should go with some special sessions parallel sessions where they are discussing those things and some crucial issues they should be given time here but they are not being discussed here because no time their limited interaction is there and they are just shouting on those areas so that is the case and gender dimensions and locational dimensions are their urban women 10:40 80% unemployment rate so huge concerning this issue is suppose the condition of women females in India struggling a lot a lot of civil there and who are educated a huge struggle is there for them because they have their own dreams they know the reality they want to spend a meaningful life ahead they want to choose their own life partner they want to have a say there so they take the support of education they take the support of jobs but even as you could have educate the female in this country they do not get jobs then they are treated like the biggest culprits there see the condition of this country educated people and the people who are employed and well-mannered and how nice dreams and very responsible people they are running for their lives because they are enormous involved in some inter caste marriages they are being hounded they are being killed and they are exploited even by the system so what can be a worst country there and we talk about so high blames there and that's why these kind of nonsensical claims we see in front of us because they want to derail all these talks where we need discussions they are not discussing and they are taking this country or towards a different kind of part of fascinating dreams Justin Reeves not any achievement so that is the problematic thing and these dimensions show us 10.8% urban women's employment rate 7.14 urban males for real men 5.8 percent women for 3.8 percent for females so all these data are problematic and two issues double whammy females are excluded from the labor force and where they are and included they don't have access so both the sides there are collapse and unemployment rate goes up as the level of education goes up second is cool data 5.7 percent unemployment rate for higher secondary ten point three percent for that people having diploma and certification and these are specifically for the for the getting of the job 19.8% around 20% 1/5 the fifth of the people who are having diplomas and just to get jobs they are unemployed so it's a really concerning situation what these people will do and that's why many many suicides are happening why because they did not see any way there and in the name of solution what we are got we are doing we are hosting Emily's and M piece that's going on in this country and that is the thing there is the most important thing that we are discussing we are discussing that how some leaders luck is important in vodka that is the talk of the town that is the talk of prime ten debates whatever is going on what is the issue in discussing that issue in primetime debates you are wasting country Stein you are wasting country's enormous resources there and you are confusing the people you not discussing the real issues there for graduates 17.2% of growth rate 14.6% with the post graduates where is the hope and why these people will not be disheartened and a disheartened youth and you are thinking their country would go for a five trillion economy shameful condition but no discussion on these topics and think at the intensity of the so called their description saw if somebody is discussing those things these should have a great level of intensity and great level of commitment and dedication but you do not see their burden for the urban women around 20 percent as I told you the condition there and for the educated women it's a real double triple whammies and in the age group of twenty fifteen or twenty nine the problem 17.8% and for the urban females seven twenty seven point two percent for 15 to 29 the in the marriage age that particular phase crucial phase where they are trying to get a place in the society on their own on their own feet and you are just crushing their dreams there in this way are these not eligible they are very sincere if I tell you the reality they are very very sincere very very hard-working who are rightly educated properly dedicated and they are trying to find to reach up to their dreams live out the briefs you are not even giving them any decent job there so what you deserve and we are wasting thousands of crores of rupees on Elections thousand crore rupees on protection of these Emily MPs were they fear of these poor a powerful people what they fear of why we are wasting so much money there is no recruitment in the police department thousands of vacancies are vacant in some crucial departments there in judiciary in medical stuff and a report say that we do not have any dearth of stuff we saw the condition in Bihar hospital and they say that there is no dearth of medical professionals there we are way above that the bureau chose standard we have 38 professionals on for 10,000 people these data's are hardly believable and we can see the ground situation there you can visit in a city in a district maximum number of four government hospitals you go there and you count the medical professionals on your fingers and you just compare their claims so that's why it's a problem a huge demand for the nurses nurses jobs and the jobs for male nurses in the medical staff and other professionals doctors and these are radiologists a lot of vacancies are lying vacant but no issue of their employment tops so that is the reality and that's why a huge reexamination is needed a link between the growth and the employment on what basis we are growing and who is taking the advantage of this this particular growth of the economy only the 1% of the people who are the rigid class and that is the biggest question here next create read with caution we discussed this issue that 44 labor laws are being coded into four important based codes this issue is important for GS paper two and three again and again a similar thing as the first core game regarding the okay regarding the the particular sorry the code on weight is bill and that was a commendable one commendable one and for sure government needs appreciation here I'm in full support of the government here these steps should be welcomed second code came regarding occupational safety health and working conditions but how they are going to be implemented that is to be seen there lies the problem third code is going to be regarding missile relations and that is really problematic vociferous protests are going on and fourth one would be Social Security so these things are going on in a public domain but in which way they are going to implement that this country needs dire economic reforms there and we are in a dire need there and job creation they must discuss because the bigger issue is of the job creation labor reforms they will need some time but the job creation should be the utmost priority there but we have not taken this thing to a priority and the response till today is of denial they deny that there is any job crisis in this country that job report is open but compare their clarifications in the parliament they said that there is loads of crisis and now the labor did I say that six point one percent so they must take this thing on priority and many articles will come on this issue and it's a small one so that is that is to be taken here next picking out the plastic a very important issue of 4GS paper two and three again and you can write a very important means question regarding that on the first article also you must write an essay that what are the economic reforms challenges and solutions there next recycling is integral to addressing the problems posed by pac plastic packaging material you see see PCB recently hold the ears for some companies big companies Flipkart amazon and potentially these kind of companies why because they did not come up with any kind of action plan which was mandated condition within six months to one year that extended producer responsibility was was the concept that was released eight years back but a tighter rules brought up in 2016 but still three years are gone and no step they have taken not a single step and these producers and brand owners earning thousands of crores of rupees every year but no concern for these pollution issues and the plastic used internationally this this is the biggest issue going on polluting the water bodies oceans and threatening and choking our existence aquatic animals are totally choked and the segregation collection the transmission was the mandatory provision there just to save that and we are discussing the single plastic use a ban we have important we have banned the import there so it's at most priority for this world but these companies they do not have any concern this ecommerce industry is going to grow by two hundred billion dollars by 2026 but no step they are taking there so that's why we need to take steps here india is the third highest consumer of the materials after China and the US so obviously we are using packaging materials and plastic is being used here and we need recycling and with the recycling issue there can be many many positive ways open like you can say with the recycling virgin materials is again available and it provides a substitute also extend their lives also so recycling is a good method and solid waste management is a better idea as you all know but that's a difficult thing so online retailers must take the steps here and they must heed to the warnings of the CPCB now otherwise is a huge concern they have to take here and they can create a waste cooperatives in India in this country that's a legitimate solution waste cooperatives and they can employ these rag pickers and these people who are struggling for the on-time payments so that's a better idea they will get the job and their solution is here for the the pollution concern there so we must say that it's a double-edged sword that we can use on the problems there are two problems are being sought here and two huge problems so that's right this article is very important next draft tenancy law is under discussion they are demanding the comments there in the draft they say that there must be a cap on the security deposit if the residential property is there then two months maximum if the non-residential then one month maximum rent should be taken as a security deposit there so that is the suggestion and that is very much applicable in the metro cities there because students find it very very difficult to stay there because unrealistic rents they are taking for a single room they are charging sometimes 1520 thousand rupees and unimaginable this thing is this is not even a budget for a small town of whom there so that's unrealistic and totally unjustified thing and this draft talking on this very crucial points and such commendable thing and commendable step by the government and this model TNC Act should be discussed thoroughly next definition of child porn is redefined here they say that animated content would also invite similar harsh punishment there whether these are realistic videos or the graphic of videos which are created and now many many websites are using this way they are making these graphics or the tools on these on these type on issues so they must be with utmost sincerity there and the harshest punishment should be there okay and cabinet also and has the fine for possessing child porn to five thousand from the earlier one thousand rupees so that is also good but that should be way beyond that because child porn is a extremely sensitive issue and the poor so is applicable there as we all know and the next issue of Commonwealth Commonwealth is a group of a former of British colonies and it's a friendly group they can opt out or they may choose to become a member there so that is all legitimate here


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    Your words influence a lot of young aspirants..bureaucrats are supposed to be politically neutral,so I request you to please discuss issues with neutrality keeping aside ur emotions..
    Thanks sir!!

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