Engineering the Harvard Way

Harbor is definitely a place for independent students it's definitely a place for people who will reach out and take the opportunities program at East allows you to do a lot of things I really enjoy having access to almost any course of study that I could possibly think of pursuing if I'm interested in taking a physics class you can go and take a physics class if I'm interested in taking out class and like religion in the Middle Ages and like Africa or something I can go and do that and I can take classes in any department I can shadow classes at the law school or the business school you know those opportunities at the med school I'm taking a language class Portuguese it's a second language I'm studying here then I'm taking a course on energy technology that's a graduate course so there are students from the business school from the Kennedy School and from C's being able to take classes and in every discipline and sort of being able to explore while still pursuing my degree in applied math I think it's been extraordinarily valuable to me and there's a flexibility you just don't get a lot of other places this kind of freedom was a big surprise to me especially because when I come from universities in Slovakia they have a very set curriculum and I came here and I was told you know just pick what you like and I was like wow really can I do that you try a lot of things which gives you an opening or a possibility it's not a certainty it's just a possibility but if you collect enough of these possibilities something really interesting is going to happen there's really no typical student that should come to C's they should be interested in searching for their passion and what they can do in the world and they can do anything as a result of this education everything from actually being an engineer to running the stock exchange you sort of come away with this set of problem-solving skills that can be applied to a wide variety of situations and that aren't dated that are they won't become archaic within a couple years I think they have a date engineering is different in the way that the focus is not particularly on on learning every detail but rather it's you can see the general overview and asked what can you do with it how can you use it to develop people's life and Harvard engineering has that the capability to provide you with the outside the box experience it makes us excellent engineers in that we can impact the world so coming to Harvard does give you a view of the entire world all of the disciplines how other people and other cultures think and that's actually critically important even for someone who's going into a technology field I think of videos is there's no right one right way to look at the world and so by talking to people who you think is your literature aside cause you're no better oh by ology or math you understand that every way you look at the room and everything you think it's one lens and there's other perspectives out there whether it's C's or gen ed classes or your distribution requirements or whatever it is all the different parts of it prepare you for the real world and I found valuable things not just from what I didn't sees but really from lots of different parts of my Harvard experience and I think that's something that makes Harvard unique and makes C's unique within Harvard you

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