Engineering joy

My name is Izzy Lloyd. I am a senior at MIT studying mechanical engineering and product design and I’m involved in a lot
of things on campus [MUSIC PLAYING] My sort of main two things are like stage performance – music, theater – and engineering. and I brought those with me to MIT. [MUSIC PLAYING] Product design is very much a place where the intersection of humanity and making people happy meets engineering and like nerdy stuff
that I love. [ANNOUNCER VOICE] Give a big Kresge welcome for the Purple Team! It is for these patients that we’ve developed our device, Animo. Michael will be drawing a spiral, which is a test that doctors use to diagnose Parkinson’s disease. Now Michael has Animo. [AUDIENCE CHEERING] [VOICE OF IZZY] I had to stifle tears, I had the stifle laughter. I was literally standing there like, “Oh my god it worked!” Now I’m actually mentoring a toy product design class. You literally get to engineer joy. Like you
get to engineer delight for people. [SINGING VOICES] “Massachusetts Institute of Technology.” Chorallaries for sure steps in there. We have six hours of rehearsal a week, those six hours, you kno, as hard as it is to learn the music sometimes it’s so important for me as a person to stay sane, to stay fulfilled, to stay happy. [VOICES BLENDING] It’s so human and so filled with like
raw emotion that like that’s what’s really kept me in theater and musical
performances. [AUDIENCE CHEERING] [SOMBER MUSIC] My freshman spring, in one week in March, two of my friends committed suicide. they were both freshmen, they didn’t know
each other. That moment and that sort of week changed my life like forever
permanently. And the whole campus community just like, it was almost like everyone had a gut punch to the stomach and that immediately it was like
everyone came together and embraced each other and told each other that they
loved each other and I thought that was beautiful. It was beautiful. But it also
really pissed me off because I was there I was like why did you guys have to wait
until my friends passed away to like love each other you know? [VOICE OF MIT PRESIDENT RAFAEL REIF] One of my favorite examples though, may be the simplest of all; The student who responded to the
terrible losses we experienced this year by making these wristbands. They say, “TMAYD”. It stands for “Tell me about your day”. She created them, to give each of us a way to show that we’re willing to listen when others need to talk. [IZZY] I’d skip class, I’d stand there
nine-to-five handing out wristbands to passers-by. Things kind of spiraled, and because of all of this outward-facing publicity, other people from other schools wanted to start, “Tell Me About Your Day”. And so that’s really how it started. It was a grassroots movement. Have you heard of IHTFP? IHTFP stands for, “I hate this effing place”, and, “I have truly found paradise”. Al lot of people really believe in IHTFP because really at MIT it’s a sine curve between these two extremes. And back when I was forming Tell Me
About Your Day, I didn’t realize it, but I was sort of creating this five letter acronym that sat right in the middle. You know, Tell Me About Your Day, is meant to be constant. Like, no question, you come here, you’re gonna have great times, you’re gonna have bad times. But through it all, remember that like, this
community’s gotcha. And if you don’t believe that like, I’m here sitting here right now telling you that
I’ve gotcha. So, like, it’s gonna be okay. You know?


  1. Moushmi said:

    Awesome start😍😍😍😍.I like those acronyms.

    May 25, 2018
  2. salah eddine Ouafik said:

    Keep up shining soul !! as an electromecanical engineer student I really know how you feel about things , so don't forget to stay cool and do more projects 😉

    May 25, 2018
  3. Samin Momin said:

    Very impressive.

    May 27, 2018
  4. Peter Magill said:

    WOW! Amazing – "I've gotcha."

    May 29, 2018
  5. Dev Sehgal said:

    I want to go to MIT but I'm only in 7th grade…

    July 18, 2018
  6. Zizo H said:

    How can I connect her?

    September 14, 2018
  7. Saida Ibragimova said:


    April 28, 2019

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