Engineering at Deakin — A Staff Perspective

we provide an education here which is perhaps a little bit different to a number of the universities in Victoria and in Australia very focused on outcomes very focused on opportunities after University and I think providing an education to students in that way is really something that's quite exciting and makes me quite proud I personally try to encourage creativity thinking outside the box and you know in the later year units where we specialize more on the core mechatronics units like for example the unit where we design and build a robot we really try to push students design the assessment tasks around students being creative the thing I really enjoy about my job is interacting with students that's a really big thing I'll get to work with them change their ideas have fun with them try to progress their level thinking as well and in certain parts on my experiences I've had an industry and also academia we offer mechanical civil electrical and mechatronics degrees and undergraduate here all of those are in high demand in terms of where students are likely to go and work we have some graduates who work in industrial automation so they will look at controlling processes for manufacturing or logistics as with robotics or other mechatronic systems what we know today is at seven of the top ten jobs when invented 15 years ago think that's where they can really has these open ill-defined problems and we teach you and get you that problem-solving methodology and come up with design level thinking or other approaches that gives you that skill set we offer a number of different pathways into engineering students who have done tape qualifications or other qualifications from other universities are welcomed here at Deakin and we give credit for that prior learning we offer engineering in off-campus mode everything goes online you log into the portal which is clad deacon and you've got all the lectures this video lectures this tutorial notes there's you know slides powerpoints you only limited by imagination I say just drive your passions because engineers this fantastic degree where you can travel the world you're not limited by any industry its weak you employ skills and as I say to all my new students it's we give you a toolbox and how is that toolbox of skills what entry you on a working is up to you we're very proud of our facilities here at Deakin in actual fact all of our engineering facilities of either been refurbished or our new within the last four years advanced cnc machining and rapid prototyping printing all the way through to virtual reality and exploration engineers are the ones defining how we interact to the world we definitely the math the science the physics behind what we do but we need those good ideas as well and students to be able to think the way through so what is the problem what are the boundary conditions of that problem and how we move forward we also have a large new project on the horizon and the center for advanced design and engineering training which is a 55 million dollar facility which is going to be built here on the Geelong warm Hans campus that's going to be really interesting for students because they're going to be able to work in this highly dynamic environment that group work that we're going to start defining it's going to come up with some really interesting concepts and we hope to see things like spinouts and products coming out of this students forming company he said have a really incubator we're going to have industry who are very interested in what they students coming up with and I believe more and more engineers need to be innovative and creative to solve some of these massive problems of the world you

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