Engineer explains programming memes in DRAG: recruiting, binary, HTML

… I … Hi, I’m Anna Lytical , your friendly
neighborhood drag queen and top tier tech educator – today we’re gonna look at some
memes. I think when you’re learning to code, humor is a great way to stay
up-to-date on what’s happening, to be in the know, laugh about it with your
friends, laugh about it with the online tech community. I mean that’s a great way
to learn, some people are even dressing up as clowns to teach people tech and can’t relate! All right, we’re going to Reddit. We’re going to r/programmerhumor and we’re gonna
look at some of these memes. and I think some of them are gonna be really good I
think some of them we’ll learn a little bit. That’s the goal. The goal: learning
learning. Some of them are gonna be a little toxic, and maybe we’ll skip over
them or we can discuss why they’re not good. and let’s just go in. I’m gonna
go for top, for at least the week cuz you know – we don’t need to sort through the
drudges of stuff. So we’ve got a screenshot from LinkedIn and this is
basically – heh – there are so many recruiter emails that you’ll get. If you’re just
learning to code do not worry! After your first internship, after your first, even
after your first year of computer science at college you’re gonna start getting
emails like this hello Mr. Lytical, and yes they’ll probably misgender you,
so be prepared. We are looking for Java, PHP, Python, React, Angular, PostGres
developer who knows how to do everything for a junior development role,
and it’s – it’s just silly because they want you to do everything, they’re not
gonna pay you well, and they don’t even take – they don’t even take the time to
research who you are, so this is a good meme. I like this one, and also just
something to mention. People always talk about “Oh, I got recruited to Google” “I
got recruited to Facebook” and then you like you hear these stories about
someone who’s getting just plucked off into the air. And that’s not how it works.
So if your’re starting computer science or starting
your journey don’t feel like “oh I’m not getting emails from recruiters” literally
a recruiter’s just going to email you to apply via the online form. Maybe it’ll
get you through the process a little bit faster but no one’s just getting hired
based on random projects they’re working on. There’s always going to be an
interview. Everyone is going through that same process at any company. So I never
want you to feel like “oh I’m not like these people that are getting plucked
off of the ground for recruiting” No – you – that’s not how it works.
Those people are spreading lies. Okay how to get a job is machine learning engineer.
so they’re an expert in machine learning. What’s 9 + 10 it’s 3, and it says 18.
And they’re guessing it’s 16. “Wrong, still 19” “18” then they say it’s 19. “19” okay I like
this one too. I’m glad we’re starting with the top, the best. In machine
learning, there are a bunch of different approaches to determine what your
algorithms gonna be. You’re not just saying oh I built a machine you know
it’s gonna do smart things. There’s always an input and output you’re
looking for, so here the joke is that the input is 9 + 10 and you want to
get to the output of 19. A good way to do this if you have a lot of data, is you
just take a bunch of guesses, and you see is this data – are my guess is correct most
of the time, and if they aren’t then you can adjust your machine learning models – kind of like a function if you ever had a bunch of points on a graph, you draw a
line through them. It’s like the best fit line, but in like a million dimensions at
once, and you basically keep adjusting this line until you get close enough, or
you get correct a certain amount of time. So basically, they’re readjusting this line to what is the answer and showing like oh I can do
machine learning just because I know how to adjust the answer. A+ meme! I’m so
glad I didn’t look through these before. Okay end of 2019 This is a New Year’s meme and I want you to take a second and think like have you seen anything like this before?
Does this remind you of anything, any of my other tutorials? Go look at my channel! This is an HTML meme. HTML you don’t know what it knows it’s
basically an outline for a website. You say I’ve got headers here I’ve got a
paragraph here I’ve got a list of data here. I guess if you’re on Reddit, we’ve got a list of all these posts umm you’ll have an image tag, and each tag you’ll put the
data in, so maybe in for a large header like “Programmer Humor” you put that in a
heading two and you start off by saying h2 in these opening and closing less than
greater thans. Put h2 in there. Put your text so “Programmer Humor,” and then you put another set of these you know greater than less than and then you put,
you put a slash before the end. So this is basically saying we’re wrapping up
2019 mix in a little bit of programmer humor in there. All right when you write code without reading the documentation but somehow it still works. All code has kind of a set of instructions of how to use it. Let’s say
you’re trying to build a iPhone application and Apple has created a list
of instruction and how to build an iPhone application – lots of details. A lot
of time, it’s like you when you get a new car you’re not gonna read the manual but
you’re just gonna kind of figure it out and hope it works for the best, and this
is basically what’s happening here. There’s so many times where I’m
programming and I’m like I’m just gonna fiddle around with it till it works and
maybe it’ll get there, but I don’t know and then you end up with the situation
like this where it’s like okay I’ve locked it, but in the dumbest way possible. Okay not that good. I love this. We’ve got a condition! Conditional statement IRL. If
you’re low enough to at that sign, that means the bridge is lower and you’re
gonna go through both of them. That’s good a great way to like learn about if
– conditions, so in JavaScript we would say if and then we do parentheses and I
maybe you hit this sign – how could we do that – we do sign dot hit kind of maybe a
little bit like object-oriented programming go check out my
object-oriented ASMR tutorial or video or if it isn’t out yet be waiting for
that because it is something. and then bridge dot hit. We could put
that in there and the curly braces and bam! You just learned a little bit about
conditionals Okay, not reading that, it’s too much. Okay… Like this one this is about you know programmers we start counting at zero
not at one you know that if you’ve taken beyond binary with me link in the
description! It’s my little computer science course
we go through a few of the basics of programming and we know in binary you
start counting at zero. They’ve kind of started this staircase at zero. Hey Kelly Vaughn!! Hey! Shoutout!
This is totally me! On your first day of coding, and your 10,000 hour of coding
some days you’re gonna feel like oh my god! I am such a genius! can’t believe I
figure that out! can’t believe I aced that interview! I’m an expert! And then
other days your brain is gonna be fried you’re not gonna now how to do a for-loop, you’re not gonna know how to do an if-statement, how to declare a variable and – don’t fear about that
that happens to everybody happens to me that happens to Kelly. Don’t let those days bring you down. You have to get rest. You have to take time to digest the information. I
was just listening to the code newbie podcast and one of the people that was
on was saying he teaches you Udemy courses and people will watch the whole
thing at once but, no, you have to space it out. In most classes you don’t just
learn all the math at once. You don’t just read all the books in one day.
You have to take time to process it, so take time to process the code. Take time
to step back from your computer. Go have a coffee; go have a mocha latte; go apply your lipstick, and take your time. Okay I like this one. So when you’re programming in
terminal and I should definitely do a terminal video. Terminal’s this bad
thing right here. You’ve probably seen it in all those hacker movies. It’s only the
command line it’s all the text and then scary and – well we can make this GLAM we could do whatever you want it’ll be so good. But in terminal all
your previous commands can be accessed by just using the up arrow. So we’ve got CD documents we’ve got python. I was doing some stuff in
Python which is fun. S o basically this person has to go all the way up they did
this command at one point so they’re searching through all their history to
find it. Okay let’s do a few more… I… You know sometimes you just gotta relate
to the memes! It’s just gonna make you feel good about yourself. Like the one we
saw with Kelly it’ll just make you feel good to know other people are having
your problems, and you know, just talking to other people about their problems if
you’re learning code online or just in an online class you might feel so
lost you might feel like oh I can’t do it I don’t know what I’m doing, but other
people feel that way too so memes are great way to express all those
struggles you’re having. And if you see any programmer memes about your struggle while learning to
code, please send them to me I will retweet you! I will put them on
Instagram. All at @theannalytical. This one. We’re gonna end on this one because I saw this one, like what, I guess 14 days ago. Binary and non-binary are both half-assed I don’t even know why I waste my time
doing that shit. People struggle with it, so it’s not half-assed as your
transphobic post is trying to say. Oh… that was our programming. Okay, you know on this channel be love binary. we love non binary code the genders all of it.
Cus we’re making programming an exclusive – were not making it an exclusive place we’re making it an inclusive place. For you, for me, for all these memes! That’s all we’ve got time for in this video. If you like this video leave a like on it comment
subscribe ring the bell post any of your memes post questions about memes and
they didn’t go through them all in another video and share them to me you
know alright bye

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