Enabling Easy Data Collection for Your Clinical Studies with Mobile Research Study Apps

hello everybody this is preeminent from Silex and this is our monthly webinar on ab bakery where we discuss how we can transform the search data collection with move the researcher apps we're just waiting for everybody to join us and then we'll start off via Chaya quite a bit of signups for this webinar today and let's get let's give people some more time to join maybe a couple of minutes I think oh we can just start off and let people join as we continue so as I was just mentioning this is a monthly webinar series on a bakery which is a product and today we're going to be talking about how mobile research study apps can enable easy data collection for your clinical research studies a little bit some logistics about the webinar please look at your video setting the square box on the bottom right set it up to have its highest quality so you get the best experience of video and audio throughout the webinar also you can put your questions right under the video screen if you are watching this video on our webinar link you can ask a question in the ask a question box or you can just tweet at the Rachel X or hashtag a bakery will address the questions towards end of the webinar so just a little bit about your trial X as a company now what and how we fit in with what we've been doing for the last 10 years or so so we started to connect our patients to research and we've been building technologies I'm starting from matching patients so clinical trials using their medical record information in Google Health and Microsoft health what we have a full protocol I connect that has been used leading universities like University of Pennsylvania New York University Longwood Medical Center etc for patient recruitment and we also have clinical trial finders and over the last few years since after launched its research gate we've been very working on how we can build tools at research and study teams can leverage mobile for data collection and consent exit from and we have some well known research partners like Center watch and Western IRB so it has been a very exciting journey for us as to since 2008 until 2019 now pushing on of research it's a little bit about the speakers today I'm free I'm in and I'm that big record neaten I will be working closely with the researchers and as they make their apps and if that is if you decide to utilize our technology which we feel is very we also have mayor sue here with us who's part of that bakery tech team and he'll be leading the live workshop on making you know sorry apps today on this webinar we'll just start with a brief outline as to what we're going to be covering in the webinar today first one will be a quick tour of what is research Kate what is this library that Apple released and we will discuss some case studies or that have conducted and some of the university is using research kit and then probably talk about how you can get your own study app for data collection then open it up from some quick Q&A so a background under apple's research kit so research gate is an open source framework that was introduced by Apple and this allowed researchers and developers to create powerful apps of research and this was released in 2015 March when Apple released this library five universities created apps using this library and some of these apps were Mount Sinai's asthma app University of Rochester's empower app Stanford's my heart study our UCSF share the journey study Massachusetts in hospitals diabetes related app called glucose access so there were like five apps that came up in 2015 and your search kit was originally launched now there are many nurse apps which are up out there on the stores so let's see what we can do with the research kit library what are its quick model its capabilities so first and foremost it allows you to do pre screeners you can create your own pretty nose to see if patients eligible for your study you can happen through the entire consent process and signature on the mobile itself they can do n number of surveys you can have services text dropdowns the support a variety of questions you can also connect your variable data you know fitness activity nutrition etc you can also provide them feedback some engagement on how they're doing in terms of data and how they're doing compared to probably others in the study here's another example of some unique data that can be collected that you can leverage the mobile phone to collect this kind of data of the images re video files so for example if you have a question like what did you eat for lunch today or what you do it for breakfast today and your participants can actually take pictures or speaking in the microphone and you can collect data from audio or video which everything is very exciting and kind of opens up new avenues of data collection from participants one of the other things that research kit can do is it can measure cognitive ability is a neuromuscular you know there are some neuromuscular tasks through this through the mobile phone so these tasks are called active tasks and they include thing a task small task like tapping speed you can check the special memory you can check gait and balance and check the reaction time so very exciting stuff that can be done on the power of the movement we want to emphasize this because a lot of people who do surveys research you know there's a new way of collecting data that is it's not just doing a web survey or a paper survey this will allow you to collect far more data than you could otherwise connect from paper there so other very exciting thing in the mobile space is that a lot of patients are using variables now like Fitbit they're tracking many things and we and we can leverage all this data that all participants are already collecting so one of my initial api's was a cat health API this is an API that allows you to collect data from all the different sources like Google Fayette Fitbit a lot of people on the webinar now probably will they identify k95 with one of the devices that they may be using they can track these variables and we can bring all this data back into the mobile study apps so that was a little bit about what Apple research kit does now we look at the case studies as to who as uses library how they uses library for data collection for their research so this is one this is one of the first study that came the Stanford University is my heart study and it used to search kit and this was a cardiovascular study people were asked to do some tracking of walking and fitness activity for seven days do a six-minute walk test and also provide some a data about their cardiovascular history they're taking any medications if they have any cardiovascular disease and the app had phenomenal success with almost 49,000 users would downloaded the app they consented to be part of the study almost 7,000 people reported having a cardiovascular disease or the 3,000 people reported taking some cardio related medications so very exciting of course the I've had success it also had challenges the data from participants were skewed on gender and age they were rapid drop off after the initial participation and consent after a few days but overall it was very successful in the sense that participants were able to download the study app do the consent all by themselves so for other researchers who are out there listening to this is a very important point a lot of people we are working with come in and ask us of the IRB a process and we have to say yes I have approve this and will the patient be able to do consent on their own and the answer is yes this app showed that patients could do consent on their own the next app they'll be looking at is the university of rochester's or Parkinson's app now this is called the empower app and the idea was to use this app as an observation the disease in Parkinson's disease and learn from the mobile about Parkinson's symptom and progression over time so again this study was published in Nature they had almost 48 thousand downloads of this study app and about 16 500 users provided consent to participate in the study using the app now these participants who downloaded the app been through the consent process from the app itself they could do it themselves at least 900 participants contributed data to the study and this data was about walking tapping memory tasks voice activity is completing Parkinson's disease assessments a lot of data collected from the participants who are successful again as a initial success since I were able to engage a patient so without physical interactions and they able to get a lot of patients around us as I said 16,000 consent so but the main point is how do people stay nap for a long time and then also there were some inconsistencies in the data that was being reported but overall a very very positive experience of the app the next case study is that of the asthma study from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and this was a study that basically tracked your asthma symptoms so I tried to ask my symptoms and it provided some reminders who take prescribed medication and share your information with the doctor again the app was downloaded a fifty thousand thousand times around 7500 people consented 2,300 people filled out multiple surveys and that included the daily log of how many symptoms they were having the trigger the triggers are they're able to adhere to medication regimen or not and the one of the other exciting thing was that the app actually tracked the user's location so they were able to use this data to see the Luque pollution in that location and be able to correlate with the data sip symptoms and the participants were reporting through the service very exciting information again the challenges were that users downloaded the app but then how do you keep them engaged for a long time so this has been a general trend and we think all the absolu to think about engagement a lot when they were launching their study apps ah a last case study that we look at is a John Hopkins ap what study now this app using Apple watch to predict oncoming seizures and when a seizure was happening in the participant could track the heart rate and after the episode the participant could complete the survey about the type of seizure extent or loss of a fairness and what were the potential triggers leading to the event even gained a very active participation with almost 600 participants 1,500 seizures were tracked and about 177 sugars were reported by patients and they have also published some of the preliminary results from the study and very exciting to see that some of the early triggers that came up in the results were sleep stress menstruation overexertion and some other triggers also among them so this was a very useful data to start understanding how the seizures begin and what are the potential triggers an extent of severity of the symptoms moving on to some of the studies of the some studies that we've conducted a trial X first one is America walk study and this was done by trial X team and it was basically a study to detect how people much how much people walk using their phone sensors and also this could run on Android devices so this was the first cross-platform study that ran on both Apple and Android we got good participation I should say we got almost 110 participants tracking 22 million steps across 130 cities and this give us good data on walking behavior of individuals across the country and some of the challenges was that on Android we had to do some tweaks in the UI because the way Android works is a little different from the way Apple devices work so we had to make some UI changes but for most practical purposes both apps were almost identical another study that our team has been involved with as a Fender app that we made for the Columbia University Medical Center this our Center now this app is currently live the study is live on both iTunes and Android in downloaded we have a live record Apertura pod and more than 5000 participants collecting hundreds thousands of data points for endometriosis a symptom tracking this is some very exciting case studies and so lidia you know we have seen how leading universities like Stanford Columbia John Hopkins are all utilizing leveraging the technology that had initial success with being able to recruit participants and in some cases globally – and just like they would go to iTunes store and go for an aye-aye power game they can download study app and then complete the whole process and participate in the study so that brings us to trial X our bakery as to why we develop this platform we will actually demo this hands-on demo where every week we get a quick flavor of this or making this app as well so I believe was developed because we realize that using the research kit framework was time consuming you still had to write a lot of code and the other big problem of the research fit library was edit runs only on Apple iOS devices so if you have an iPhone great now if you don't have an iPhone sorry you can't participate in the study now from a research perspective that's a big huge value but you've seen a mobile research or study yeah there are many more Android users and Apple device users and especially globally if you do a study that does not represent the actual population you really run into this as a huge barrier for getting approval or high validity of data the other challenge is of course of course I mean building an app that does some basic things and be expensive just to give an example of how how expensive it is there is this website how much to make an app you can go there and actually do custom it just for a basic app the basic functionality with I can in couple of screens usually looking at approximately eighty thousand dollars and this was just for a basic app if you were to now add more research functionalities or probably variables data and you want to run this on both Android and iOS you see looking at 150 thousand to two hundred thousand dollars to make a good research sorry yeah now which is a lot of money if you know for many research study teams so that is why we went back to the drawing board we built an app bakery there's a platform that allows you to build your own study app without writing in codes the simple web builder will be used to build and you can design your own study apps and within a few hours you have an app ready and if we run on both our Android and Apple devices and you don't to pay anything to you actually have a working app that its life and we'll be getting to that in a little bit so this is a bakery for you you can go to trial x.com /ab bakery all the people on the webinar can go there after the webinar as well or trial x.com slash our bakery and then sign up and get in touch with us or as part of this demo we will actually have you get a hands-on experience of the app before we go on to the demo we would like to show some of the apps which are currently made using the same platform and a live on both Apple and Android we have the lime sand symptom tracker app which was actually a demoed at the White House as part of a top screen challenge a early March so this app is live and this was said we did this work in alliance with global Lyme Alliance then you can track your hypothyroidism symptoms using my hypo t this is another app which is live on the stores both Android and iOS you can track sleep using a sleep fact tracker this is to available for download and this is a newer app that we just just approved by applets appease your struggles so for women's health a can track that PCOS symptoms using this track now and not take more time than this I'm going to hand over to muscle hain now he's going to walk you through this workshop and you can make your own apps over to you saw him thank you so this is me so here from here on I have your host in conducting this live workshop so we'll be making a live app so let me share my screen so is my screen visible yes okay so folks you can go to this you can type in this URL into your browser's HTTP colon double slash staging – AB Bakery dot a info dot IO sly sign so you will be landing onto this screen and you can register with your email and after registering let me basically I have an account created so you land onto this Ambika investigator dashboard page so from here on we'll create an app so this is a no platform you don't need to write even a single line of code for getting your app onto your device so we'll start with this button create a new study app so we can see at the top we have the study app type so here at a biggie where we are supporting two types of apps one is the research study app and another is trial companion app into is like trial companion app is mainly for those patients who are the part of the clinical trial and they want to track like when they want to visit a clinic and if they want to chat with investigators one-on-one so I can show you that down the line so I'll keep it this study app type as like study app and I can write the name as example sleep study so investigator name first name a last name visit this is basically the name by which you into the account so it will be auto filled the organization name as well then email and we need this Apple ID because for if the Android version of the app we are sending along with email but for Apple on iPhone devices we need to send the test flight to get the real feel of the app so that's why we need the Apple ID of the investigator so I will press this button create a new study app and it will create the app and will land me directly on the app dashboard so what I will do is I will go back to the investigator dashboard and you can see my app were created here so I have a couple of apps already in my account I'll press the Builder there are basically three sections for each app one is this app builder which is basically for adding the screens to the app and everything else then there is this view data and whatever after after you created your app and the data starts coming in so this is the section very and you can see the data and to some further analysis advanced settings it's got some other things like internationalisation and all that we can see down the line so I'll go to the app builder phase so for creating a typical study app so you need to follow these five six to seven basically till this sound or eight step so after completion of the eight step you are done like you can see now you need to press one button and you can get the apps that came out your device so the typical research study app contains a pre screener so everyone else would know what pre-screen is this is basically the eligibility criteria that one wants to see like if the participant for his download is eligible for the study or not and you can have a simple pre-screening a question for example we have in this app like I have 40 years of age so my eligibility criteria is the participants who are above 40 will be able to join the app and for participants who are not like were pressing this option no I am no I'm not above 40 years of age like we'll be showing some graceful message to them like unfortunately you are not eligible for the study and you can have more than one pre-screening questions I have one I didn't my study like I can add one more question here so this is about three screener so going further the second section is the consent the consent basically it explains you about the study consent screens you can add any number of screens wherein you explain the part spent like what or all the study is about what what is the data gathering process like how what is the data data privacy like where is it it are stored and how are the server server lammeter's is secured all those save is backup taken like what is the order of the risks involved in the study and in case you need to withdraw from the study what is the procedure for that and like how do we contact you in case you have any questions and all so I have a couple of consent screens added like I'll show you by adding one more concentration the consent type I has for example privacy and now I need I have short description and long description I can add any text here in short description I need to add something about it for example the and I can add a full full description here this is a rich text bearing I can add phone numbers I can add links I can move this text bold italic or whatever depends on how you want to beautify the section so I'll add this concern section and it will get afflicted here and the beauty of a bakery is like on the left hand side you are adding the screens you are adding the the Stags or on to your app within your app and in the right right-hand section you are able to visualize how it looks on the mobile like instantly see I added the consent section here and it got reflected and I can get the Android iOS flavor as well see this is how I entered the data and it got reflected here so this is about consent section and further now we have arms arms is basically like if you have a study wearing you want to group your participants into the different different sections or you want and then accordingly you want two different surveys to those different groups this is where arms it takes comes into effect for example you have a study where in you'll have the group are sponsoring two main group and female group and then for female group you show one set of surveys and to the male group you show some other set of service at a big supposing this feature by adding for example I'll add here oh one I like I can keep it as control group and I can add one more section is like intervention group and now I have created the arms now Vicki's asking me how do you want the participants to get assigned to those arms whether it is a random like every participant is that I have written it randomly I look it's the the participant to some arm or it is B is it based on some survey response like the participants for adding who are entering the value meal are getting assigned to control group and for pulse for entering the value females are getting assigned to intervention group or something what what whatever is there depends on the study so I will keep it as for example as a random so participants will be assigned to arms randomly so this is all about arms so I'll go to the next stuff this is surveys so any research study app the main focus revolves around data collection and and a bakery we are taking very much care of it like how we can maximize the process of the deflection and in current scenario we have three ways by which we can collect data from the participants and one of the main main section in those data collection processes surveys surveys is like a you are asking to your participants to fill in some surveys and then sending those responses so you see I have added like two surveys already into my study and I'll show you by creating one more survey I'll keep the survey name as weekly checkup survey and it should be shown on ongoing basis now it's asking me to which group you want to show this survey I can keep like I can press both groups I want to show this serving and now it's asking me about the frequency I'll keep it as weekly and create a new survey now since I created the survey but the at this point of time this survey is empty so I'll start with by adding some questions to this survey for example I'll add these many number of question types were supporting we have instruction type we have drop-down for if you want to like your users just like a single value of the set of values we have radio type radio is also like drop-down but the options are shown on the screen there in problem they get displayed from the drawer we have check box wherein you can select more than one type of options we have scale type questions I can show you all those surveys once I show you how the app looks we have scaled that question we are in the participant can choose the value by dragging the pointer on the scale we have integer type question we have imaged I've got emailed I have question multiple and we have some media type questions for example which priya was talking about you want your participants to click the picture of the food they are taking and then send it across we investigate we can support that type of questions you want them to record a video clip of them speaking and then send echoes we can support that by video type we have auto type if you want your participants to share their location we can support that by showing them that location type of question so these are all the question types we have at a bakery so I'll start with this simple question for example radio type so I can add any number any text here like sorry and this is about the validation like is required yes I know good time and I can add one more question for example the text type question like so the response to this question will be in the form of text the random text that parts then can enter we have I'm the scale type question we're in example always like one maximum is 10 and step for example is like by what value the scale should get incremented or decremented so we'll keep step as mine so this is how you add questions to your surveys and you can see I have one survey or Thrax history log which is currently preload under this mobile and you can see the like how surveys I get will get displayed onto my mobile device is a radio type question this is also a row type so this is check box type question so same to same these questions will get populated onto my mobile phone which part of the body is highly affected this app is basically a for arthritis patients then the Demeter so this is a drop-down question home remedies and weight and everything else so I can show you once I show you the app onto my mobile device so moving further so this is about surveys now one method of data collection was surveys wearing participant needs to enter the values another method for of data collection at a bakery that we sport is by giving them some active tasks active tasks are like fun tasks to do for example we have this finger tapping at two tasks within you can see on the right hand side the preview of this o'clock ask the the participant needs to tap these two these two buttons with your fingers and then we score like calculate the score like how many number of times they the depth and this is how we can see like how active the participants are not only this finger actual task we have like special memory we have to ask what spent how to really remember the sequence in which the flowers are lit the Tower of Hanoi I have two doctors and they need to solve this problem this way like the investigator can check the cognitive ability of the participants though so this is about surveys and f2 tasks so I will move further so for any of the research study app or any other mobile app the main part after you after you bake your create you I have baked you a beauty two parts pens is the is the usage and engagement if you get to some beautiful hair but users are not using it so like we are not really succeeding with our goal so at a bakery we can we are achieving this thing or we have a mechanism of engaging the users by give showing them or by sending them regular notifications about like them reminding them for filling the surveys taking ektu tasks we can add some nice information in the references page and then send them notification that we have added these links you can go through this will be helpful to them so this is how I'll show you by creating some notification for example notification text stays this is the subject title notification title today and now it's asking me about the date when I need to send them for example every day at this is a 24 hour format 6o clock I will send in the notification and it's asking whether an to repeat this notification is it one time or the potato I'll select the repetition more as yes daily at six o'clock and then the note the notification after clicking on the notification on which screen the notification will land the user so I will show this you once I show you the app again so I'll keep it as track only and update the notification so you can see the notification got added to my notes tag I had a couple of them added already so this is the third one I added so you can add notification based on your requirements so this is it like most part of the application process is then I and the third and the final way by which which would help us in deity collection from participants is sensors and miracles which about which we also talked about we had our earlier API called get help and we have now supporting these many number of variables and by which we can use for data collection we have for deep sleep we can use Fitbit we can use google fit we can use your bone so for that for example I want to use the step date of the participants and the total sleep as well so I have used Fitbit for it and for steps I am using for Android phones I'm using the Android sensor for Apple phones I'm using Apple health kit and I am also using this Fitbit variable so this Fitbit data once user connects to Fitbit and often authenticates so will automatically sync data out of the participants account and can shoe to the investigator so I will save it so I will move ahead and the next part is that like look and feel how you want the font of the text like what is the font color that you want to add you can see I am selecting the font color and this is getting reflected on the right-hand side the procession so this is the about it came to color like what is the what is the theme color you want to select for our app so you can select the theme color based on the theme of your research base or what now I'll save it from here and motor next sections is the icing part in icing section we select like the participant duration for what number of days like this study will be active for about the specials like what is the study and we can select this by this scale type widget and what is the study start date and end date you can select example and what is the app logo that you want to like I have kept this me because this is our threads app and the investigators signature that will get that will get added on the consent PDF doc so once I place this save and bake later so everything is done okay so I will go here again so in this big section now I have two sections if you want to create a test build you like you are testing your app within the team it's not live yet so I will press this test bill so that whatever data comes in it comes in the Test section and the live view like you have made all the changes everything is fine now you want to make a lie build of app and publish so you can go here and press this now you have the app submission form this form is basically required for the Google Play Store and Apple App Store the and title short description long description and everything what are all the details that are needed for submitting an app to the Play Store and the App Store accordingly now we have an advanced set setting section as well this is for internationalization at a bakery we can support like I have in multiple sections and multiple languages we have past cogeneration currently we are restricting the participant usage of the app by in pre screener but we can also create a fast cool screen I can show you that and insights the ref and selling section this I'll show also in the app so now I'll directly so this is the research app that I created I already installed into my device so for example I create a joint study and this is the pre screener I was talking about if I press no and press submit it will show you the graceful message that I am not eligible I will go back to the join screen for the place cleaner section I press yes okay I'm eligible to study it more ahead and this is the consent part this is explaining me about a study this is the long description this is the short description is the next concentration and this is reviewable like after all the study screens I press agree yes so it lost me about my first name and last email and rest my name is Sohail me so and then just to help me so I'll enter my email and I have to physically sign here and this signature is then reflected on the consent you leav doc that will be sent across once I submit so I have submitted so participant will get created okay so this is the survey table of all tossings are talking about so this is this is the onboarding survey what type of all threads you are suffering from i express this is the checkbox type question what is your effective this is a text I have caution I can enter anything 12 is my Kanaka peptide I can add any random text here well this is again the checkbox to question again checkbox see this is the text box question I can add more than one option I can select again the text box and this is drop-down C and you can add the questions based on like the requirements on your app my weight 70 and this is the instruction type questions you can add images to this instruction to have question this will add flavor to your app so I submit and once I land to the – but first time it's like showing me disconnect screen and asking me to connect to some wearable sensor so I will go ahead and connect to this Fitbit okay there's some API over with Fitbit currently press one X okay so this the dashboard screen of the app so we have black section where we have the surveys ongoing surveys and we had two tasks that we have added we have the inside section where and we have a little bored way of graphs and charts we have Excel reference selling section in reference and links you can add some text you can add some links that you want to show the participant we have graphs and charts wherein you have that so traffic section let me show you like one of the daily surveys like this is the scale type and you can see again this is the next question this is the integer type question where the value is like integer type and this is like that so I'll show you one of the actual tasks for example we have this tour of Hanoi I have two tasks so meanwhile I got the notification as well that I that I added you can see I did the notification hey there have a fill your daily service so it should land me on the track wait I click on this notification and see it landed me on the track page I have one more notification good to have you so let's see where it takes me so I had it it should land me on the connect screen connect screen is basically for you to get connected to the variables and devices it's landing me here now I will move back and show you that to dusk see this is tour of Hanoi I have two tasks so you need to solve this puzzle and something like that okay I cannot solve this puzzle you could have solve this puzzle so we have spatial memory to task well and flowers will get late end you need to press them according T in the same order okay like that so this is about the track page our surveys we have now the connect page that I also showed we have the settings page I mean we can you can see the screen concerned and you can see the PDF of the consent see I I sign and it's got reflected here you have like the days of meaning the study join date if you want to contact the research team you can press here and it will land you with the mail app you have the notification auto on/off your notification so it's here so everything is on the settings page if you want to opt out of the study so to show you this alert and now I'll show you a couple of more things when among the important thing is this insights so we have one of the app that priya was talking it is this lime symptom tracker app and we have some rich data coming in and this is how inside scaris indeed charts are getting populated for this so these are the survey observation questions and see this is the graphs for steps so we have one of the feature of adding the clinical trials video to the app so this is how it is getting shown here so earlier when I started that my talked about one of the other app types that's called the trial companion app so I can show you that I have here so see this is our research trial companion app so it has two additional things one is this visits and another is this message in part and visits your we are basically showing the parts spent like what are their scheduled visit the clinic and they are showing them in the calendar fashion and in the list manner as well so you click on this and it will show you all the all the details about the visits or description what are the instructions you have to take what is the visit number or the location and when breathe less diskette directions button to basically show you the it will the route you like to the clinic so amazing stuff going on and we have this messaging if investigator wants to do some one-on-one messaging with a participant or but like vice-versa so I can send some messages so okay so whenever instigator use this message so they can reply and it will get reflected back here so this is about it like how app looks and now we'll see I'll take couple of minutes move to show you the data section like how it is data getting reflected so I talked about this reference and links so this is how you can control that you'll give you add anything here and it will get reflected on the reference and Nick's section back there in app without without you really baking and I haven't seen it operate again so see I have it I have that app is so sturdy I throw to the participant one that I go and that participants to help meal it got reflected here so you can see my surveys so I basically do not submit any service so that's why it's showing empty to let us see some other use of example see for example I have this app I built couple of surveys and for each participant you can see like which survey they filled and whatever the responses okay here yeah so this is about view data section and you have a couple of other action items here like you can view the consent of this party spent the consent document so this is here I have not added any consent section here so it's for me only one section I'll go back you can you can download data you can download participant media and you can really schedule if you there are two types of like obvious one is the study specific visits for trial convenient app and one is participant specific visits like for each participant they need to give the clinic every Monday but for the particular participant you want to schedule some other visits so you can do it from this section you can add some new visit and anything here so this particular visit will get reflected for this particular participant so this is how it works basically okay now under this view data section you'll also be able to see like how many number of participants that have joined you study what are the Android participants what are the iOS pod spend how many number of survey data points you like so far the survey observationally iOS and this was like here you you were able to download off CV data for a particular participant if you were to download bulk data so you can download it from here you don't want all data download all concern the participant messages so click on the participant message it will take you to the the message I was talking about earlier it will take you to here and you can see what message that participants have sent ok so this is about it so there are some other sections of the app so the last section is this Advanced Settings that we already talked about where we can see the internationalisation do you want to I have to be in more than one language the pass code generation feature you want to restrict the participants to entering the app you have insights so this is about it and if you have any questions please feel free to ask and audio player thank you thank you so here I think that was a really good detailed demo I've seen a lot of questions come in I just will just take a few minutes to mention the pricing and then address all the questions and have cama so as you can see on the screen and we have mentioned before as well that you don't have to pay until your app is live on the store so that would mean that you can work on the app till the first 30 days when you start sign up and you start working on the app is absolutely free once I have II believe 30 days is more actually kind of apt enough time for you to make your app edit try testing it and then submit it but in case you want to continue testing we have plans where you can continue testing your app as well and then submit it for approval and then I once I have your proofs then we can submit it in the Play stores and all the submission of apps to the to Apple and Google Play stores is done by us so once your app goes live then you have to select three plants then we have three plants based on an AB bakery so we have a cookie plan muffin plan and cake plan and these are basically the differences are based on the kind of mobile platforms you want to leverage whether you want to do it on iOS only your Android alone or both either and the number of surveys and the variables that you plan to integrate it integrate with your apps we also do some online app promotions and customization of some UI for some of the high end plants so these plans are all available on trial XCOM slash our victory but again as I said the first 30 days we want people to actually start using this platform and we try to try this platform and its really great so I don't want to take much time or this I'm going to just directly jump into the questions grace wants to know can you program this app to make alert so alarms to ask questions at set intervals so grace we are taking that notifications should actually help us you know set alarms that is or alert the patient as to take a particular survey after a particular question and we also have one-to-one messaging where you can actually send in a question or send in an email to your participant to alert him or about a particular question that you feel that they should be taking now I mean good to see you've got a lot of questions here I'm going to take them one by one now you want to know for service can you include skip logic yes we do have skip logic I think so hen did they know that that you can skip questions but again you if you're conducting surveys in the same people at two time points can you link them so we can do before-and-after change over time analysis so the best thing would be here to use the arm section have the people you know I divide them the and send them specific service before service and after service to the same subset of people so this and so this will help you track the same people for before and after service I hope that helps and another question from you Nami is if surveys are conducted over time see really how do you reminders when the subject is overdue to submit a service so yes again here notifications help now the thing Nami is on the dashboard if you have not kind of you know you've not kind of taken a survey provided for example if it's a daily survey and you've not taken it you can still see it live on your app dashboard that's one way that people and when you a chair attempt to survey you take a survey actually you can say you can see it changed color so kind of you kind of the personal kind of knows that okay is taken the survey is not but again if you want to alert him and let him know best remind him you can send out reminder notifications now Kareem here wants to know we have a proprietary electronic health record system would we be able to have the data go into that database and be viewable by a physician to review during health visit is that possible – Kareem as of now what we're doing is I think as you saw so here you can download the app data directly now you can download it you know per participant as well a participant wise as well as download the entire data now but if you're insisting on this we do if you care we can actually have an epi that will help push this data into your database but this is not something we are we have done so far but this is possible using a bakery Jack Stesha wants to know who analyzes the data of course the researcher the principal investigator analyzes the data because once your app is life we don't have access to it in a sense via restricted access is nobody accessing your web UI the backend you can download your data you can access it you can analyze it as you want if you don't do anything with the data at all Kareem again another question will this app show up in app stores around the world yes the saddest apps will show up in app stores around the world it's just like your any any other app is absolutely showing up now I don't know with what you want to know by this question probably you want to restrict the use of app your study app to a popular pilot population in that case I will suggest that you use the passcode functionality that I have bakery provides so that way you know who's going to be you know you know that they're only genuine authentic people participating in the study we've had universities we're working with or do pilot studies you know they kind of have a list of 3040 people whom they want to enroll so they have been using the passport facility because once the app is live it is available on at stores all around the world Scott here wants to know can we import questions in a preset format for example using a dot CSV or a DAT file for example if all questions have this same sort of four choice drop-down choice with different stems so Scott as of now we do not have the facility of importing questions in a preset format but having said that we provide you with a copy function in the editor of a service so when you're adding a survey you can copy the questions and number of times and you know so it gets the the question as well as a type of question and it's option answer options some get copied but this is certainly something that we can consider in the next release of a next version of apocrine figure and now me again yeah you have another question how does internationalization work that is if you want your service in Spanish and English who does a translation okay so what happens on me is that we change we have a translated version of the entire app and questions uploaded you can download it and you can correct check it edit it and upload it back so based on our once you confirm it you can see it on your app so here probably I'll just hand over the I of course you have the screen with you probably you can just show now how the internationalisation works at your end a quick look at it yeah sure so see for example I have this research try and convenien app or I'll go back and show you the research that I was doing this is a study app so and code the internationalisation section so for example I want the Spanish version of the app so I press next now we are usually speak the google translator so what Google Translate does it translates all the strings that are present in the app in the Spanish format and then we are getting those into our excel sheet and we can download them so once we download so basically this file is getting down what you can see here you can download it and you can modify it you know our base yeah you can see this is the text value and this is the Spanish value and you can see everything is translated and if you want to make some Corrections or something like that you can do it right here save the copy and move next and upload the file back to the system so this is as simple as that and the whole file whole app will get translated across it in this particular language and we are able to support more than one language at a time just not like we can support English and the app like in English in Spanish and at the same time in French as well so Sohail Karim wants to know if we support Arabic cream basically Arabic we are supporting yet we're spooning like left-to-right language so in which we come to Spanish French German we're supporting basically on 25 language so arabic is in concentration thank you thank you so Haiti I know me you have one no question is an email at just required so yes it is required because especially the Apple ID if you want to receive a test app for your iOS test apps that you're testing and we need an email address you can send this apps to you even the Android apps that you make actually gets delivered into your inbox you know it's just a dot APK files we just have to open it in your phone and you can install the app so definitely an email address is required here again and this the it's the only person who signs of who needs an email I hope by you realize that so yes email address is required Korean says they wanted to build an app so I've send you the link again where email if you can check your inbox I think you will get it now maybe one more question from you how do study subjects enter the signature finger on mobile device screen yes yes that's what we do you can use a finger to sign up on the mobile mobile device this is how I did while demo and same signature will be now then shown on the PDF of the consent I know me yes thank you so hey Lana me I mean she wants to know I mean the subjects must they supply an email address sir no that's not required no me it's based on sorry like for example you want the participants to be anonymous they can't remain anonymous it's not at all required it's only for the person who's making the app that you need an email address you don't need it from the participants at all if you remember I showed a couple of tracker apps which are out there on the place source that tri-lakes is launched none of them actually require you to give your email address to sign up on them or it use it so I think there are some great questions we had a great session if you like you can always reach out to me and my team here at of your making some great we are working with some great teams and we hope we ourselves are making apps and you know trying to enhance the features trying to come up with cases where we feel you know trying to add capabilities based on our experience and some great apps are coming out and I feel we really feel that this is the next wave of data collection so we really encourage all of you to try a victory and health research so if you have any further questions as I said you can always up just email me and I can usually should pray at relaxed calm you can get on a call and I can probably help you in making your apps so thank you everyone I know we took a little more of time than usual so thanks a lot thanks a lot for the great questions thank you so much dude thank you thanks girl

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