Embedding Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in Higher Education

The embedding of enterprise in the curriculum
is central to all aspects of HE right across the sector at present and particularly in
my own area of arts and humanities where we’ve sought to be increasingly creative in the
mechanisms in which we seek to achieve outcomes that relate to enterprise, employability and
really the work readiness of our graduates but I think in terms of embedding enterprise
in arts and humanities, it’s been key to create opportunities for our students to engage
with their future employers, increase their network capacity, makes those vital introductions
and involve them in those work-based skills through work-based learning, problem solving
and other aspects and other challenges that they face post-graduation with three tips
for the HE sector generally and particularly in arts and humanities would all relate to
engagement in terms of the curriculum design, engagement with the employers, engagement
with our own student body and engagement with colleagues and that they share enough ideas,
share enough approaches, share enough strategies and learning from each other’s experiences.

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