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So we are discovering new ways to help researchers
and scientists all around the world We’re helping to connect scientists with people
from other disciplines We’re working on something that’s innovative,
it’s current, and exciting Basically, this way of working is like start-up school:
they value creativity We are very independent and have a lot of creative freedom to make the things we want to make We get to play around with ideas You iterate very quickly and you get to play
with all sorts of different technologies One of the things I really like is the fact
that everything gets taken to the users So we get their kind of insights and their feedback guiding the way that we make decisions
on the designs that we do It’s one of the unique things to what we do They're very enthusiastic about the work we do and eventually the stuff that you build has a big impact on the whole world of academia and research So we not only make the best products out there,
but we also have a great team of people They really go out of their way
to make you feel welcome With this team, it’s so multi-disciplinary, there are so many different people I can work with, that I actually learn something new every day I love my team You should apply,
you should apply for this group It's a place to really stretch your legs We have this unique start-up feel It also gives us the realistic possibility
that we've got budget to do things with too We spent last year working on a prototype and millions of people are now using it

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  1. Elsevier said:

    New featured positions are posted: Front End Engineer and Back End Engineer: http://bit.ly/1IEKjaR

    June 30, 2019

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