Electrical Engineering

electrical engineers work in everything
from getting power to your house all the way to getting power to your cell phone In an increasingly digital environment we use electronics every day even more in our society Something that we have the special is our power distribution We’re one of the few schools in the United States that still puts an emphasis in power and they said that those electrical
engineering students are very hard to find and there are a lot of companies that seek us just for their power applications there’s no question that one of the
things that makes Arkansas graduate more valuable than graduates from
another schools is the fact that we have really focused on their communication skills and their sense of teamwork It’s very active in research over a
broad range of topics everything from optoelectronics to work in electromagnetics We have opportunities as undergraduate students to get into a research lab in actually do research work They are working alongside the graduate students, learning the information learning the technology and making a
contribution There’s more to electrical engineering than actually building an electrical component But probably more significantly, it impacts many other fields of engineering and science, and many of the advances in automotive safety systems over the last few decades have been primarily electrical and electronic in nature It’s a very fast-growing field, every day
something new is being done Electricity is going everywhere so
electrical engineers need to follow.

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