Electrical, Computer and Software Engineers as Leaders (ECSEL)

My name is Larisa, I’m graduating with a
degree in software engineering, and I’m an ECSEL scholar. My name is Claudia, I’m a senior in computer
engineering, graduating this semester, and I’m an ECSEL scholar. I joined when I was a sophomore, and that
was definitely kind of a rough part. Ultimately, it gave me a framework of support
that helped me, kind of helped motivate me, helped me try to realize my true potential
to do better, so just having like a community of support with professors and the other scholars
really helped me. Academics are hard, and I think that that’s
something that we miss a lot, so coming into the ECpE department, I feel like everyone
just expects you to be smart, which I thought I was until coming to college. So it can kind of be like this, just like,
waterfall of emotion when you realize you’re not the best at what you thought you were. Whether you need help from your T-As or going
to office hours with your professor, or going to your advisor when you don’t know what
you’re doing with your classes, or even going to like the university counseling center,
literally just, if you need help, there’s people around this university and it’s their
job to help you. Really it needs to be your job to seek them
out. When you look into your class you can, usually
at the beginning of the semester every year I pick out which the girls are, I’m like
“aw, there’s seven girls in my class this year, yes!” And so it’s nice because most of them are
in ECSEL, and so it’s nice to just like “aw yeah, I saw you in class, we should
sit together” and just getting to know them is pretty cool. The Grace Hopper Conference is like the world’s
largest women in tech conference, and I was fortunate enough to have gone, and it was
just kinda like a three-day blast. You know, we went to company networking events,
and really just kinda grew as a group. And I think there’s always a need for a
leader who just steps up, and I definitely am one of those people. And sometimes I think, before, I would see
it as like a negative thing, that I’m just like being bossy, or that I’m like taking
leadership into my own hands, but ECSEL helped me see, like, though our strength finders
that it’s a strength, it’s not a weakness. Being a part of ECSEL had a positive impact
on my experience at Iowa State, and I would say it definitely made it better.

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  1. Khalid Ali said:

    Is it guaranteed that all ECSEL scholars get the scholarship ??

    September 22, 2019

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