eLearning Intro: Posting and Replying in the Discussion Board

[melodic, uplifting intro music] [music fades] Your online instructors may choose
to use Blackboard’s Discussion Board as part of your class activities.
In the Discussion Board, an instructor can create forums,
commonly called message boards, where you will post threads and
often respond to your classmates’ threads and replies. In this video, we'll become familiar with how to open a forum,
create a thread, and reply to an existing thread.
Your classmates may respond to your thread, so we’ll take a look
at how to create a reply to one of their responses.
Let’s begin by opening a forum. I’ve located the one I need
to respond to and I’ve already read its instructions. For this forum, my instructor wants me to create a new thread and then
respond to a classmate’s thread. I can tell that my classmates
have already started to post threads of their own because
I can see in the Unread Posts column that there are some posts that
I have not yet read. I’ll make sure to read all of those
in a minute. I’ll click the forum’s title
to open it. And then to create a new thread,
I'll click Create Thread. Here we can reread the forum’s directions, type a title for our response, and then in the text editor,
I’ll type my response. It's a good idea
to make sure you've responded to everything your instructor
has asked for and that you proofread. When you're satisfied with your response,
click Submit, and your thread will appear
in the forum. Next we'll respond to
a classmate's thread. I've read through all
of my classmates' threads, and I'd like to reply to this one. To open an existing thread, click the thread’s title. I’ll click Reply and a text editor appears. Here, I’ll keep the default text
in the Subject field, and type my response
in the text editor. OK, I’m satisfied
with this response, so I’ll Submit it. It appears under my classmate's thread. Here’s a thread that has
a couple of responses, and I’d like to respond to this one
in the middle. It's important to notice
that the Reply button only appears when you
hover the mouse over the message. I’ll go ahead and
type my response and then submit it. Once you feel comfortable
creating threads and responding to classmates in the Discussion Board,
you may find that it’s a great way to get to know the views and opinions
of your peers, making your online educational experience very engaging. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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