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traditional workplace training is as boring as it sounds repetitive inefficient cost and completely dependent on the instruction the odds of engagement are slim to none today we live in a world that is constantly innovating and training is no exception gone are the days of booking a training venue travel accommodation and meal expenses hiring a trainer and pulling everyone out of work for training the future is here and we are ready to take you there let's look at some quick facts 25% of people quit their jobs because of inadequate training and opportunities to learn but business is providing me learning don't just have a higher rate of employee retention they increase their revenue per employee by over 25 percent numbers can't lie and that's just in terms of online trainings effectiveness here are some more facts on average e-learning cuts training time by 50% the courses can also be used over and over so that trainers and trainees can spend less time in the classroom and more time adding value to your business this includes more flexibility and accessibility everyone can learn when they need to at their own pace anytime and anywhere oh and it will save you money and it will save you a lot of it reduce costly mistakes by having the most well-trained employees and say goodbye to training Bening travel and meal expenses vii media's elearning is superior to traditional classroom training providing better engagement with interactive solutions ranging from information story and scenario based lessons to software simulations explainer videos are also an option and they can even be incorporated into traditional classroom training to blend the new and exciting with the tried and tested training will no longer feel like an obligation instead your employees will be hooked and using the courses couldn't be easier and more convenient just plug our e-learning module in your learning management system and you're good to go track progress witness the engagement and see the now is the perfect time to take your company's traditional learning and develop and program a step forward towards innovation improved productivity and cost savings our e-learning has already been a game-changer for these amazing companies brands whose footprints lead the way experience the difference by providing your staff with a seventh media elearning experience contact us to learn more and get started today


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  2. Nipuna Iresha said:

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    May 23, 2019

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