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he learning is a flexible delivery of online programs so typically it all stoney people who are studying a fully online program will be starting for professional reasons and the courses will be aligned to their their professional needs and the courses are delivered fully online there's no attendance necessarily out ulster and students who choose can't decide to come and graduate with us at Ulster and while the students are studying fully online we consider them part of Ulster's high quality student experience they will have access to all the facilities and services that a traditional student will have as an e-learning student your program would be broken up into modules and each module is typically a 12-week period of study they would start in the semester one which would be late September or in semester two which is late January the modules and the learning experience will be different for the courses depending on the subject area but typically you will supersede lecture notes through the university's online virtual learning environment Blackboard Learn that would be supplemented by peer based discussions that would be guided by your tutor you also be asked to do self-directed learning and so you may do blogs or wiki's and self-directed study and research and your assessments will be delivered online those will be scheduled so you'll know where your assessments will be in a typical 12 week period some of those assessments will be individual and some will be group work and some of our professional body accredited courses require a different styles of assessment perhaps a video assessment and you you may be asked to do synchronous real-time presentations for topics such as interview skills the average age of a learning student at Ulster is 34 years old typically these are people who are working and are studying for professional reasons the demographic break up in terms of gender is 58% female and 42% miel studying online offers a number of benefits most noted notably Flex and that's flexibility and time and location so you can study online at a time that suits you and from a litigation that suits you for professional reasons that people are juggling professional and personal lives learning fits that need in terms of location on time and it also allows you to develop digital literacy skills that are increasingly welcomed in industry and our workplace were expected to communicate and collaborate online and work in a multidisciplinary environment and e-learning helps you develop these skills that are increasingly valuable in the marketplace we have for undergraduate programs but predominantly our course catalog is postgraduate and we've over 40 fully online postgraduate programs our historical context was around life and Health Sciences we have a lot and Biosciences stratified medicine health psychology environmental science geographical information systems we also courses and renewable energies and art design and built environment and we have some courses in social social research skills and so we have a broad portfolio of courses currently there's a program being developed and the Belfast School of Art and which is a Masters of Fine Art online which will is a new challenge for Alastair and we're going to be offering a fully online critique of work through the online learning environment so we have a broad cross sections across all our faculties and Ulster when in 2001 and when elearning was initiated a key decision at that point was that it was to be an equitable student experience for online students and offline the courses are delivered by the same teaching team that delivers offline versions of the course a student on an online program will have access to all the student support facilities that a traditional student has they will receive a student card there were a lot of access to library services they can access student support they could access the Students Union over the last 15 years as e-learning has matured every support service has been challenged to make sure that the services they provide are equitable and we really do believe that's a unique feature of our offering adult sir to apply for an e-learning course very simple process you go onto the main Ulster online application system and in the drop down menu he learning is an option and then you'll be presented once you select how you'd be presented by the list of courses that are available and it's a fully online application process and then your application will be considered by the academic team one of the one of the main myths with online learning is that an online delivery as an inferior online learning experience and that arguement gonna be justified historically but increasingly we don't believe that asou all our courses are alster offer blended learning delivery so whether you're on campus or off-campus you will have technology enhanced learning fully online delivery is a natural extension of activity that is help but I got also you will be developing digital literacy and digital digital skills that will be applicable to your work environment and increasingly employers value students who have that digital learning experience and have developed those digital skills and you work all sort of more supportive environment online because you've got a peer community around you that are communicating and collaborating online you arguably receive a richer support experience you have access to the central support but you also have peer support from other people who are learning and online delivery also enhances your international outlook and you're connected in to your peer network and people who are doing your job and other places in the world and that internationalization of the curriculum is really important and so it's a we feel it's an enhanced offering and it's certainly not inferior and in terms of technical infrastructure and one of the myths is that you may need to invest in in some new equipment or some new technology that's not the case all our systems are designed to be resilient and robust and work in browser on a typical computer so whether you've got a tablet device or a laptop device if you've got a web browser all the systems are designed to work within but there's not Preiser so we don't recommend you go out and invest in new technology or new equipment and existing tacking infrastructure you would have at home or at work we'll be sufficient to study online

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