EIT RawMaterials Innovation Day 2018 at BASF

I would like to welcome all of you to to this event this is the first open innovation event that we organized in a Aikido materials and I think if I can say one word about this this is an opportunity for all of us I think it's a great event we have we have many customers here are many contacts I've been in some sessions where I saw very lively discussions going on so people really find each other here and are able to have very open conversations about about subjects which are on their mind when we get the Science and Industry and also the funding agencies together it's always a good potential to start building the bridges even if they wouldn't have been existing yet a good place to find out where the next thing is going to come from you know when you have startups when you have research labs when you have companies presenting what their ideas is what they want to invest in what they want to transform into products and services visiting a BSF the main site there's been a blast it's been amazing because you really have the feel for what the ACEF means in terms of company structure no legend and it's been it's been really great so far the impression is really great you know I feel that this kind of interaction between researchers startups and then big industry big industry that will really realize this in over two five years is what we need you know the EIT raw materials depends on such events to take place and I'm absolutely amazed at BASF what BASF has put up for us here and how many staff members from years have I attending here the existing way of doing business requires a level of competitiveness for European nations to cooperate in European companies to cooperate a bit more effectively we need the transfer of the right information between the right groups in a timely fashion BASF we create chemistry

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