Education system overhaul: What does it mean for Māori?

A major overhaul of the country’s
education system has been announced. The Government has unveiled
its plans for change. Key changes include: – a restructuring of the
Ministry of Education (MoE) and establishment of education
service agency to help regions – leadership advisors to help
principals and boards of trustees – new ESA to take responsibility
for buildings schools For more analysis, here’s Whatitiri Te Wake. Education Minister
Chris Hipkins says schools will succeed
by having more frontline support. It will be easier for schools
to manage school property, there will also be
an independent disputes panel for students and parents. Enrolment Zones will
be managed locally and not by schools. President of the
NZ School Board Association, Lorraine Kerr says, that without a doubt, there is a lot of work ahead. Last year the Government established
a task force. They were tasked
with reviewing the Tomorrow Schools reforms. The changes include
for Boards of Trustees working to ensure their plans, policies and local curriculum
reflect local tikanga, matauranga Maori and Te Ao Maori, and to achieve equitable outcomes
for Maori students. But how will these changes impact
kura kaupapa Maori and kura a-iwi? All of the functions of the ESA
are unknown at this time, but the task force will come back
to the Government with recommendations
in the coming months. Whatitiri Te Wake, Te Karere.

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