Education Event Recap Video- Northeastern University- The Art Zwerling Consensus Conference

– Here’s the thing about shame. Listening to shame can silence
your health care options. I could keep my mouth
shut and not say a thing. Or I could tolerate the
discomfort that comes with this conversation. Sure, I might feel
ashamed in the short term, but this is really the
only opportunity I’d have to learn actually what’s going on and what my opportunities
are to address it. When it comes to your
health and your career, don’t let shame prevent you
from telling your story. – If you don’t think you that
guys can make a difference, you’re mistaken. It wasn’t too long ago
that I was an unemployed opioid addicted anesthesia provider. And Claudia was the
codependent, enabling nurse that let this happen. And if we can make changes
and get back into this, all of you guys have a power within you that you may not even know that you have. – While we are in the midst
of a burnout epidemic, I think the timing is right
for the pendulum to swing in the opposite direction. And we can start by developing individual coping strategies for stress. Meditation, exercise,
meaningful relationships, and giving these coping
mechanisms the same attention we would other anesthesia skills. – You never know who you’re
going to be a role model for. Just thinking about that
somebody in the environment could see me speaking up and then be more empowered
themselves to speak up was a very empowering frame
of mind to have for me. – The truth is if we’re going to solve health care’s greatest challenges, we need to be engaging with nurses because the end user of nearly every medical product on the market, they also are the closest to the patient. Who you are is going to make the best of what health care is going to become and we need to go back
to fundamental principles that Florence Nightingale
instilled in the practice of nursing which is we are
there to protect the patients, to be there drive forward health care and that the true heart of
nursing is in innovating, challenging the status quo
and making things happen. – Changing the health care
industry to really value clinician well being
is not going to be easy and it’s not going to be popular, but like Art would do, it’s the right thing to do. It’s the right thing to do for us. It’s the right thing
to do for our patients. And it’s definitely the right thing to do for future CRNA’s and
their future patients.

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