Edmego’s E-learning – HRIS Human Resource Information Systems – Learning Management System

this is Tina she is an HR professional with a big company Tina has a great deal of responsibilities and one of them is working with the training and development division when a new employee joins their firm Tina must coordinate their information with that department this means manually entering the employees data several times in order to create the new profile she wishes there was an easier way now with amigo there is with it me toast human resource information system integration Tina no longer needs to treat creating and scheduling learning plans as a separate task the admitted learning management system creates new user accounts assigns appropriate learning objectives and sends welcome letters to new employees with the HR is integration tool she can import a spreadsheet of all her new employees with one simple operation that means she can add in one user as easy as adding 100 it's so easy now with amigo Tina wonders how she ever lived without it see for yourself fill out the free demo form today and give it a try you'll be glad you did

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