Edelhoff Technologies debuts its proprietary technology for the refining industry

we add a lot or introducing digital life support control technologies for the inert entry confined space market this patent-pending digital system is based on industry proven technologies we design develop and build reliability into every system we've incorporated latching valves that stay engaged to allow continuous air flow in the event of power loss our trailers incorporate search protection for reliable power and battery backup systems to prevent power loss at loft technologies digital helmet tester verifies proper functionality prior to entry this gives you confidence that our helmets are operating at peak performance the digital tester captures a complete test record for each individual helmet our module continuously monitors all parameters of the supplied air control system and alerts to console operator to any irregularities our data logging feature records every module event system-wide providing a complete image of your confined space entry we've partnered with Medtronic Zephyr to outfit each trailer with vital systems monitoring including heartbeat and breathing rates for up to 50 users we add aloft technologies take steps to ensure that our clients and customers go home safely every night we've developed a digital life support system to remove human error from the equation we've designed our system to be future proof making integration of upcoming technologies seamless and our modular design ensures your trailer can be expanded as you grow you

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