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don't you feel great seeing millions of visitors on your website but how long does that feeling last with just a few thousand of them actually buying something part of the reason your online business doesn't grow as fast as it should is that you don't know why your visitors don't convert sure your analytics tool tells you how the traffic is coming in and whether people are buying or not but that's mostly the end of it it doesn't tell you why visitors don't add products to cart or make a payment or share product links on social media you can keep changing your website all you want but if they don't buy they don't buy wish there was a way for you to monitor traffic more closely wish you could know exactly what people are doing on your website not just where they are clicking but also which areas of the site are getting the most of their attention history of their buying behavior and what they are likely to do when they visit next or which products would suit them best well analysis of clickstream data can tell you all this and more so here's what we do at happiest minds we munch on some fundamental clickstream parameters such as visit duration time stamps IP address session details product details visitors demographic and other information our solution framework then takes over which in a nutshell means data profiling creating predictive models based on buying patterns and determining what to do for higher conversions and we are not shooting in the dark here our deep dive into this data analytics procedure has consistently yielded predictability of purchase instances with higher accuracy it's like reading someone's mind really okay that might be an exaggeration but it does work you can finally make intelligent changes to your website changes that convert visits into sales millions of times over want to know more check us out at WWF PST

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