Earth Day at 50: Rise up to the Challenge

[Music Plays] Climate change is no longer something in
the future. It is already here. Where we are now, we’re just trying to slow down the process. There is no silver bullet to climate change. There’s no easy solution
right, and so it’s a complex problem it’s a complex solution that’s going to get there. What are the solutions? How do we mitigate our impact on the climate? Because that really is the future. A solution let’s say that’s this technically challenging,
it’s so important to consider many different perspectives. We need to work together. There are many pieces in the puzzle. There’s a wealth of talent out
there. If we just come together and just make sure that our information is able
to be understood at different levels we are going to amass a large number of
people are willing to contribute to the cause. Anyone anywhere to be a part of
this research, and I think it really empowers the public to really take
action in their own communities. How do we talk about these important issues
related to climate change, but do so in ways that helps uplift community
knowledge. We are capable of doing this work in ways that other universities are
not. There’s always urgency to collaborate, to be integrative, and I think that the
University of Michigan just has big thinkers. There’s so many great research
questions that we can pose to students. Tomorrow’s leaders and tomorrow’s
decision-makers uh they’re not necessarily going to be earth or
environmental scientists but they should know about the information around them. Young people have the ability to change, like have some sort of social change and
impact. That change is powerful and I don’t think that we should take that for
granted. We are really important drivers in battling climate change and demanding
safer environmental practices. But it’s really something that everyone can do
something about, and it’s so important that we all play the role that we need
to. Our health depends on it This is absolutely core to the reason that the University of Michigan exists: to serve society. We can do this. [Music Fades Out]

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