E-Prix meets e-technology as ABB Formula E reaches Swiss capital

Oh and it's in an electric atmosphere as you can imagine I mean it's a fantastic race that the course itself is a big challenge given the fact that is the first time you've got a big steep hill as always our AV customers they love to see the whole see the races but not the least to here also these pioneering talks to see what is 3d setting the agenda these days and I think the settings here in Switzerland and Bern is just excellent electro mobility is really key I've been visiting customer the last weeks and it's on top of their agenda I think it's really a strong tool and in creating engagement with customers not only about technologies that we have to serve an immediate lead but really also to appeal to the imagination of how we can create the future too but we have a long history in electric mobility Switzerland has started very early to electrify rail and actually a PP or B BC at that time was heavily involved in that and we love our trains we love electric mobility traditionally so the mobility we're talking about in public transport or in private transport this will be huge success in Switzerland once we get more cars available and this will take to a great case to show what we can do as a as an innovation company in terms of electron mobility and we have seen that in the public discussions this takes more and more space and we are in the middle of it with our 11,000 charges so this is just grateful from both sides our brands get a lot out of it our reputation and it's now up to us with our people to drive with our customers the gross for the future that was already nice fitting

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