e-Learning Simulation in 2 minutes

okay I'm going to try to create a simulation scene in under two minutes using backgrounds and character packs so this is the scene that I want to create a senior manager talking to a middle manager and the middle manager is listening and they are in the break room near the water cooler you need a couple things to do this you're going to need PowerPoint as you're authoring tool you're going to need a background image of something like a water cooler or whatever else you want your seam to be and your characters need to be pngs with transparent backgrounds so that you can drop them right into the scene give this a difficulty of a 3 out of 5 stars because I'm going to be moving kind of quickly here and incorporating a few of a few of the lessons that I've taught earlier with that said let's go ahead and get started okay to create the scene that I had before we're going to start with just a blank white screen in PowerPoint that's the best way to get started and we can go ahead and start the clock right now first thing I want to do is insert my background so I'm in the backgrounds I scroll down there is my water cooler and you just size it properly so that it covers the whole screen there we go now I want to insert my characters I need Steve in a short sleeve shirt they want him talking there he is with his coffee cup I need to insert the image of amber and she is going to be listening so that's good amber listening there she is I need to position the characters on the screen the right way you got like that make her a little taller and Steve get him there a little taller okay that looks pretty good I need to turn amber around so the format rotate flip horizontal now I need to get them talking to each other so let's get a call-out box I need the conversation that they're having I have it down here edit text and this paste it duplicate this get rid of this part of the conversation get rid of that part of the conversation size this properly move it sighs this one that here all right so that's it so that's it we have our scene right there I got them pretty quickly I think that was about two minutes

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