e-Learning Games: Is Your Learning Game a Waste of Time?

hi this is anas Abramowitz from a learner engaged and today i'm going to have little ID tip for you about e-learning games the reason I think this is important is because there's a lot of money being spent on e-learning games and there's a lot of people who want to incorporate games into their learning but the thing you have to consider is what kind of benefit your learners are getting from these games so I I've been exposed to a lot of games where you know you're either doing crossword puzzles or you're shooting at clay pigeon and these games were all associated with some kind of multiple choice question where I had to recall you know the correct answer and to me the minute you have learners engage in something competitive like that and also really not transferable to the real world what happens is they lose they lose their their context of where the learning is coming from and they're actually focusing on beating the game which is obviously not what you want to happen unless you know if you're actually having your learner's do crossword puzzles with the content that you presented is because they're professional crossword puzzle solvers and when they leave that classroom you want them to do that very well most of us that's not what we're training for so you have to think about am I am I putting forth things that my learners are so going to be able to transfer to the real world are they skills that they're building in these games are they going to help them take that learning further and I'm sorry but a game of Jeopardy probably will not do that so you have to think about it from that context so think about are they going to transfer that skill somehow and look at it from you know turn out to be the learner try to be the the Assessor look of a bigger picture and also the skill what kind of skill early learning are they learning click really fast are they learning how to find information so if you like this content subscribe so you can get it in your email box every time it's posted also I give me a thumbs up to let me know if you liked it or not and I hope to see you next time

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