E- Learning Flash Animation – 5S

you five s is the name of a workplace organization methodology that uses a list of five Japanese words the list describes how to organize a workspace for efficiency and effectiveness by identifying and storing the items used maintaining the area and items and sustaining the new order five primary phases of 5s sorting setting in order systematic cleaning standardizing and sustaining the first two s of the 5s are sorting and setting in order sorting means eliminate all the necessary tools parts and instructions you should only keep essential items and eliminate what are not required prioritizing things for requirements and keeping them in easily accessible places on the other hand setting in order means everything should be in its place with clearly labeled or demarcate it things should be arranged in a manner that promotes sufficient workflow with equipments used most often being the most easily accessible next let us have a look on how we can implement sorting and setting in order in our working places this is a tools cabinet in order to keep tools and sorting you must ensure that there are no unnecessary items such as coffee spoon fork and glass they should be removed from the cabinet then setting in order arrange things properly so that they are easily accessible the stationery drawer as well only keep essential items and eliminate items which are not required for example screwdriver plastic bang spoon and fork besides place items neatly to keep most often used item easy to access

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