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welcome to clip my project now I am going to explain about e-learning abstract elearning can be defined as learning facilitate and be supported through the use of information and communication technology whatever the technology however learning is avital elements there is not enough knowledge or experience in those have served utilize of online education system benefits from the structural approach flow diagram learn a registration and log learner login you don't fetch it up from the database and they can choose the course which is there going to be known it will be Fletcher from the database and learning material treasure from the database and the end this is the flow diagram of the eLearning now let's see the demo for project is the homepage of eLearning click me and this is a registration form login now we are going to login admin login with the particular username and password now we are going to add the subject I choose the subject as computer and the lesson as keyboard I have some material and I am just copy paste it and add subject the dialog box will be up there a subject is added now we can view the users list there are two losers Priyanka and tunngle now we are going to register new register we username and their password at address phone number mail ad a password and confirm password this is the register dialog box will appear now you are going to log in with the using user side this is the invalid name we have to give ID mail.com we have log in with the l respect to email address and password there are two 2 menno's if we click the home we can't go slightly to the home page view demo it's a sample demo of the computer we can't keep the full screen press access so demo video go back and a week now you are going to attend the study material just learning area now we have to choose the subject courses and these articles as a lesson in the course of subject now my is select the lesson we will display in this text area and text box others and there is general topics like Natural Resources these are the study material we can learn from our e-learning and going back home page login and now we go to admin slide and we are just going to view the user list this is the user that we have registered homepage thank you

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