Duke University's Certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

the currency of the 21st century is really ideas universities have always been comfortable with the role in creating ideas and creating fundamental knowledge but as we move forward into the 21st century universities will increasingly be called on to take the fundamental knowledge that grows at the University and to turn that knowledge to real things and real actions that have a real impact on real people's lives the great opportunity I think for undergraduates in the ine certificate program is the opportunity to learn how to take an idea and to use that idea in the tangible and practical way to impact people's lives when you look at what the rest of the world is looking towards you when they look to our future what they're most concerned about is innovation and entrepreneurship the certificate was created at Duke University originally for undergrads the idea being that there were students across all disciplines who would benefit from some study and innovation in entrepreneurship to really bring to life whatever their major course of study interests were there are four courses there are two required experiences students select a number of different ways to accomplish the experience requirements of the certificate we have some students who went to Detroit and participated in our Duke engage Detroit program we have some students and they're interning with the most successful startups in the country today so we're looking for really substantial engaged experiences that the students are having and then an externally facing a portfolio where the students pull together what they've learned across the four courses through these two experiences the purpose of the certificate is to help people understand that ideas have meaning ideas have value to me the most exciting thing about the certificate is it truly meets every student wherever they are the sky is the limit it really fits with whatever their interests are so we have some students from the arts we have some Stu from engineering we have students from across the humanities or science from the hard sciences it really is for everyone entrepreneurship initiatives that live inside business school are fundamentally about Commerce and about the creation of economic activity for us the initiative lives more broadly across the entire university and what it's really about is turning ideas into action you

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