DSE 2016: Multitaction Demos iWall With Unique Interactive Touch Technology

hi welcome to DC 2016 my name is Dennis and I'm the sales manager for multitasking today we are showcasing the multi Texan I wall right now we're using nine displays in a combining a wall and a table for this elaborate piano system this is our own touch technology so what you see here no one else can do what's unique about us is that you can have these configured in any way to meet your design space you can also we also support unlimited users so we can have everyone here touching these interacting with this and it will be very ultra responsive and ultra accurate as well we support hand recognition I put my hand on here I can open up videos case studies whatever I want I can also draw on this and I can even erase so how the erasing is work is quite unique our technologies camera based so we can see these 2d barcodes and it can be programmed however you like so right now I have an eraser but I also have my business card with this unique 2d barcode and I can just put this on here and it can launch my own personal content as you can see you can also have some very high-resolution content so what we do is we sell interactive touch this place that support all these advanced features and allows you to make some very powerful applications for any use case again my name is Dennis with multi taxing if you'd like to learn more information feel free to email us at sales – us at multitasking comm thank you but


  1. MeGoo NaSsAr said:


    Can you please contact me very urgent ?? thanks

    June 28, 2019
  2. pleuro Artist said:

    I want to built at home.

    June 28, 2019

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