Dream Seekers – Episode 4: Dreams and Education // Viddsee Originals

Dad Where did you go? Why are you home so late? I was out catching a movie with my friends When did you learn to lie? You were performing at the bar with those troublemakers You think I wouldn’t know? It’s all over social media What do you want to do in the future? A singer? Can singing be a career? Any prospects? I worked hard to see you through university and for what purpose? Do you think we do this for our own sake? It’s for your sake We hope you could have a better future than us Even when we barely had enough for the house loan we made sure your school fees were priority I’ve said enough Reflect upon it Huh? You want to look for a part-time job? How will you join our rehearsals in the future? There’s financial issues at home I’ve got to find a part-time job I can’t join you guys for rehearsals anymore Sorry Xiao Ji Da Pao Ser Lang Pass me ten dollars each These are the money I have saved for my chicken drumsticks Give it to me I will be more than happy to give you more Here here Guess I have to do modelling again From today onwards we will help with Huiling’s financial issues I have more good news Look If we perform well the next time the bar owner will continue to engage us Then we’ll be able to help with Huiling’s financial issues Yes Okay, here’s the important bit I wrote this song last night We will record this song and try to sell it during the next performance Have a look Huiling, you will be the main singer Boss! What about me? I think I am more suited to sing I have already decided We need to help Huiling get over her stage fright Besides recording We need to split our jobs Xiao Ji will be in charge of printing Ser Lang you will be in charge of design Da Pao you will be in charge of contacting the bar owner Huiling you will just focus on singing Any questions? What about you? Would you like a taste of my fist? No, no Any further questions? Let’s start recording Are you ready? What are you guys doing? You need to get used to this pressure You can do it! I’ll try Huiling, you can’t keep closing your eyes while singing You need to look at us when you sing Once more Okay What are you looking at? You are doing well Keep it up You got this Once more Hey! What are you doing? She sang well Very well indeed Get lost Get out and design the logo! Get lost! Not bad Practice a few more times and you’ll be fine Excuse me Yes? What is this? Boss! Since we are the “Dream Seekers” so it should have a distinct aura Look at those teeth? It’s sharp Yes! Yes! Any resemblance? Do you want to have a taste of my knuckles? No, no Redo! My teeth looks like that? Boss! Does this look good? Beautiful? It does look good, but it’s already 2020 Would anyone buy a CD? This is for us to sell We could then use the funds for Huiling’s financial issues as well as gaining exposure for ourselves Do you understand? Boss! We were given the happy hour time slot! There’s definitely a large group of supporters I am going to show them my biceps Guys It’s show time

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