Dr. Kevin Bock- Medical Informatics

one of my mentors once told me that your career happens to you as you go to work every single day I began back with the organization about eighteen years ago as a bedside clinician I have a little bit of interest in technology and so let my inner geek out I began with committee work and doing server side by side work as the organization began to think about developing an electronic health record what it means to work as a informatics is that the organization is a desire to take your clinical background to take that heart and passion of the medical care and apply that every set every every day every way that you can to make sure that you never forget that at the other end as a patient in the patient's life and you have the ability to affect you never stop being a clinician so whether you're a physician or nurse a nurse practitioner a PA regardless of your clinical background you never lose those pieces one of the things that I really I find incredibly attractive about the organization is the value we place on stayin clinical and having the ability to continue your practice not only does it help me keep me grounded as as an administrator it also helps keep me grounded as an informatics estai understand what's going on the street because I'm on the street I understand what my patients need because I'm actually rendering direct patient care we can offer things that other centers can't offer we can make dents and things that other centers can only scratch the surface of we don't just work for Microsoft or Dell we work in an area that has a direct impact on a patient's lives

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