Dr Jun Wang MSc Web Science and Big Data Analytics

internet and what Wagner has already changed our daily life how many you have Facebook and Twitter account or fit or typical how many don't how many you haven't even oh good do we have a linking to have Jimmy okay definitely got someone have you checked the desync well had anyone checked the Facebook of Facebook is this session or forecast the you know what happening now some people you know we want to attend some conference on your people sort of broadcast events using Twitter Facebook in fact that's quite effectively the people to know if they don't you know in the open day here perhaps using the Twitter to know what's happening here anomaly is a big data analytics because computer can save all kinds of data so it's very important who asked you sort of extract useful some of them are might be noise some of them are not necessary useful for you but it's very important to attract some useful insight from this latinum a lot of data and so here are some figures I'm quicker goes to them if you look at the scale of web in terms the number of users web content and this web search for example you know a macro already explained the Google so called for minions queries per day in a March of 2012 so that's really a big same case for other area for example Facebook and AT&T and even in a scientific word and people generally a lot of experiments you know a lot of data and these weather broadcasting and if you using file share system you might you might know that there's a website ISO howling fat also store a lot of torrent data a same case for game industry and few militaries a lot of data generated every day therefore is a big data issue what you can expect from our program is that you will learn the fundamental technical aspect or website of big data analytics and you will learn multimedia how you know YouTube can compress the data able to process the multimedia information in efficient way and you will also learn those search algorithms how Google being works are they able to provide very fast accurate relevance prediction for example and you also learn how to you know deal with large amount data you know in a class or computers and also try to understand the underline you know business model we're going to talk about these online auctions we're gonna talk about compass competition or advertising how those internet-based internet-based business make money out of that and of course social networks we have this complex network and social network study so we could put on some and then Annette vanities and then it's about what happens in social network and we also have some potential options and so it's a pretty standard program if you look at the syllabus and the number of critics are gonna you're gonna have so we've got to cover the five aspects the technical aspect of the subject and nice thing of these days that you can tailor it for your specific interest for example you are interesting finance I want to say I want to know something about a financial data mining you can actually choose some in actions related to finance if you're increasing human computer interaction perhaps you can also choose some modules relate to that and unrest is even more flexible in the sense that we're going to design that program that fit to your individual need it's really a problem-based study so what I mean that perhaps you have some problem some question in mind we can in fact you tenor you study towards that particular program and eventually you can sell to some projects I choose some modules that fit that you need and then you know perhaps after that you can write down these substantial risks project and possibly address that problem some people might have some startup ideas perhaps you can bring the idea and we can design choose some modules that so that you were able to perhaps coming with a demo or something that out of that project the exciting things about is that our our projects especially the summer projects we have web prime number of interesting projects for you and as I said it really depends on what you really looking for our projects sometimes is quite practical in the sense we have we can work with our industry collaborative twitter's to try to identify something interest talk to you so here's some example so the crew talk um in fact is the system which just I had started with our students the idea is that in the internet a lot of documents digitalized document available the question is whether we can use that to help us to write a certain language for example they would help us to write English so this is different with a lie-detection where you have you know the meanings a sense of the word but how about the phrase how about these the sentences so this is more like a sentence search what we have is that we're going to build a society in search engine we have build a sense censorship we're engine where you could crack these sentences and then we can sort of based on the pattern we will have some statistic in terms of how this particular turn or this grammar has been used internet that in fact would be able to help you to identify what be the best way to write you know certain sentence another example is that we we've got this idea about how to boot you know next generation search engine and Google does a pretty good job Insurance of fat find what'll be the relevance urs or do the key wore matching very fast however it's done really incorporate too much in terms of user engagement where if you look at the Facebook it's not of using injections but sometimes there'll be you know the noise your personal stuff but whether is it possible to use the future network idea to look at the recommendation for your friends for your shoes your friend or your for the people who have similar interest we've got this idea I mean put together the project and eventually we still under the weather but it might lead to something interesting you

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  1. Syafiq Kamarul Azman said:

    Would be better if the slides were also recorded alongside the lecture, could put most of the lecture into more context. But great lecture nonetheless.

    June 27, 2019

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