Diversity, Inclusion & You – eLearning Course – Demo Video

when you hear the word diversity what words or phrases come to mind most people tend to automatically think about the obvious differences between people like their race or their gender yes diversity does apply to race and gender but think of all the other less obvious differences that really make up the core of who we are our diverse childhoods and upbringing education and job training working styles Agis physical abilities religious beliefs political views sexual orientations and even our personal lives if we're a parent married or single these differences can be a tremendous source of strength to our organization if we learn how to use them to our advantage through this powerful elearning program we are going to explore how each of us can help recognize the unique insights perspectives and background of others create competitive advantages for ourselves by leveraging the diversity of our people develop an environment of trust respect and inclusion and avoid discrimination and disrespectful behavior I find to accomplish all of this it is first helpful to take a look at what's going on around us and how the following facts and figures are impacting our everyday business are you ready

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