Distance Learning Education Benefits – Explore Distance Learning Degree Advantages

Okay. Today I'd like to talk about the benefits
of distance learning. Distance learning has many different benefits. The first one I want to talk about is expanded
access. If you can get on a computer today, you can
get on a distance learning program provided you have the internet. And the students that used to have very restricted
course offerings in their area, can now pursue educational paths that are outside of their
region. You can pursue a mechanical engineering degree
and you don't have to go to the local community college. You can almost go anywhere in the world. The second thing is cost reduction. It is often cheaper to go to a distance learning
program, because there is less overhead for the college or university. So, cost reduction being number two. The third thing I want to talk about is that
you can truly get a tailored education. And what I mean by that is your pursuits can
be fine-tuned, you can take only the courses you want to take if you're not pursuing a
specific degree path that requires a lot of courses, you can take the courses you want
to take and learn what you want to learn. It's also very interactive. So the next one I'll put is interactive. The days of the paper and pencil correspondence
course are pretty much over. You can participate in forums, you can easily
contact your professors, your classmates, there's a lot of online discussion on topics. So it can be very beneficial to your learning
process. And then number four would be staying on top
of new technology. So, number four would be new technology. You're keeping up with the latest and greatest
way to communicate with other people and you're getting the most up to date information possible. You can search the web, you can fact check
things very quickly. If you were in a traditional lecture hall,
or something like that, it would be hard to check the information. But right there at your computer, no problem! And then, effectiveness! You are not wasting time, time being a unit
of money. With regards to money, you are not wasting
travel time, you are there, you are making the most of your time. The last thing that I'll note about the benefits
of distance learning is that it is, in some cases, self-paced. So if you have a job, or other responsibilities
that prohibit you from going to class on a regular basis — the self-paced program could
be the right fit for you, if you've got other things going on. So just a quick recap, the benefits of distance
learning: expanded access, you can almost do your learning anywhere; cost reduction,
it's cheaper versus brick and mortar universities (in most cases); interactive, you can participate
in forums and chat with your professors very easily; new technology, you're staying on
top of the latest ways to communicate with people; and then it's also very effective
from a time management standpoint, that you're not commuting and not spending hours stuck
in traffic; and then number six, it's self-paced. And these are huge benefits of a distance
learning program. Thank you.


  1. Pauline Yturiaga said:

    Hi Im a Filipino , currently living in UAe and Im taking Distance Education in a Indian University , is there any complication regarding this one? I need some advice.
    Thank you i hope you can help me out.

    June 29, 2019
  2. Aroon Russell said:

    Distance learning is the most convenient way for busy adults like me with busy lives that include full-time jobs and family responsibilities to get quality education. We get to learn about time management skills and self-discipline that are necessary for online courses.

    June 29, 2019

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