Discover Your STEM Career: Applied Sciences Engineer (Viewers Ages 5-9)

I’m Laura! I’m an Engineering Applied Science Trainee at Ontario Power Generation and today I’m going to show you a bit about what I do. [Pencil scratches] [Upbeat music] The X-Lab is our innovation centre at Ontario Power Generation and what we’re looking to do is bring in new technology to solve problems that the station has, make things safer and more reliable. Some of the stuff that we’re working on is using virtual reality. [Pencil scratches] [Upbeat music] What we’ve done is we have a 3D simulation of an airlock. Before you go into the reactor, you can play around in the airlock to get a feel of what you’re going to walk into before doing it. [Pencil scratches] I’m about to step over the ledge. [Upbeat music] [Pencil scratches] We’ve modeled the room so it’s the exact same as the training room that you would go in in person. Once you put the headset on, you are completely in the environment. You feel like you are in that airlock. What we’re using this for is training. The station can be very intimidating to go in and see, so if you can actually go in that environment before you step into the station, it’s very helpful. It makes you more comfortable inside the station. There’s so many different, fun classes! You should take math, physics, and chemistry. Any of those science fields, you could work here no problem. [Upbeat music] I have a great job. What we do is fun because we’re always getting to work with new technology. Whenever people walk past us at the station they ask, “What are you playing with today?” Virtual reality, Google Glasses, 3D printing. We also have 3D scanners. It really is fun what we do! It makes our job exciting because we get to do what we love!

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