Discover the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program

♪♪ Universities do a great job
teaching technical skills. But I feel that there’s a need
to get students to understand more than their technical role. And how all those pieces within
a company function. ♪♪ The programs goals are to create
a calibur of student that is very different than any else
that any university has put together. It has ability to combine
bussiness and engineering concepts into a single decision. ♪♪ We now have engineering students
interacting with business students and business students
interacting with engineering students at a much earlier stage
of their career. Most of the time this
interaction doesn’t happen until they’ve already gotten
a job in some other company. And it may be 3 or 4, 5 years
down the road. So they’re going to get a 3 year advanced start
of working culturally and across business lines and technology
lines that they just wouldn’t get otherwise. Can you imagine the impact if
you had a set of engineers, newly graduated engineers, that
already understand the basic concepts of what makes a busines
successful. From a shareholder value, from
marketing perspective, and from a marketshare perspective. How much more impactful and how
more effective they would be as engineers. Both sides have really learned
to try to look at things from the other perspective and ask
questions about what they know and what you don’t know. And
then you can kind of bridge that gap just by asking questions and
understanding the perspective that they come from. ♪♪ One of the things the program is
doing is tying back the curriculum to industry. So the
students are learning about systems thinking and problem
solving and we’re pulling in external speakers to talk about
their experience and put a story to some of those concepts. ♪♪ Leadership is something that
I want to get into and so having speakers come speak to us about
leadership and other topics that are similar has been
beneficial to me. ♪♪ There is people that I never
expected to meet. Like just with what they’ve done
in the industry and how far they’ve come. I never expected
to meet people like that especially right now as a
student. ♪♪ We’re going to create employees
and workers who are much more mature, much more able to work
together and to drive results in the company, because they’re
going to understand each other. That takes years on the job of
learning to do that, and sometimes the cultures probably
work against that. ♪♪ If you spend 5 minutes talking
to any of the students that we have into this you can not be
anything, but super impressed with them. Their poise, their
maturity, what they do on their breaks and so forth. They all
have come to the program with very high scholastic
achievements. When I graduate I actually want
to go into the automotive industry. Specifically, with a
focus in racing, special developement projects, or
industry sponsorships. So it really pairs all my
passions for business, for racing, for the automotive into
one type of career. It’s not I don’t really know what that
entirely looks like yet, but this program is giving me the
ability to deal with that ambiguity and to deal with the
adaptability that needs to come with doing a job like that. ♪♪ There is no where else in the
country that has something exactly like this. That has the
access to the executives, to the professional education,
and the freedom to figure out what you want to do, to fail
successfully. ♪♪ UT is exactly on that course of
educating cohorts of engineers and business students together,
who are jointly learning these concepts together. The idea of
critical thinking, the idea of systems engineering, the idea of
shareholder value, the idea of you name it. I think frankly, its going to be
the norm and other universities will pursue the same course. ♪♪

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