Discover how simple it will be to create robots!

For dreamers, makers, passionates, techies, entrepreneurs, professionals, and for all people who think that robotics is a technology of the future. Because at Luos Robotics we believe that technology
will evolve to act on the real world and should be easier and easier to use and build. Because
we believe that good ideas don’t come necessarily from people able to do it. Despite all the progress we made, build a robot
today is too complicated. To succeed, you have to be an expert in electronics,
mechanics, simulation, …, everything! To reach your goal, you will have to expand
dramatically your budget and developpement time. All this complexity limits the number of people able to solve a problem using technology and slows down the development of the robot of tomorrow. At Luos Robotics we want to give you the power to create without limits. To do that, we developed software and hardware tools that completely transform the way people
create machines. Thanks to this technology, you are now able to test your ideas and develop
them faster than ever. You’re not going to need a lot of investment or an expert team to succeed anymore. Our tools help you to achieve your ideas and guide you to mass production if
you need to. This technology is operational and available
right now on our website. Now we need you. We need your ideas, your
projects, and your creativity to make this happen. Together, let’s create and share the technology that will transform the world of tomorrow. To discover how to realize your ideas, it is simple, check-out our website
and subscribe to our youtube channel. To contribute, learn, and share with the community,
check-out our forum. Also, feel free to follow us, discuss and send
us some news about your projects on our social networks linked below. Don’t forget you can simply help us by sharing
this video to your friends. I hope to see you soon.

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