Discover E-Learning at LaSalle College Vancouver

as a pioneer in the field LaSalle College has been envisioning elearning as a future-oriented solution since 2000 signing up for an online training program saves you time and energy forget the expenses and stress of commuting no more stifling schedules either study during the day in the evening or at night in the comfort of your own home in a cafe or even at your workplace e-learning adapts to your work and family obligations while allowing you to review the material as many times as you wish enjoy the same benefits as students on campus as you receive training designed under the highest standards of quality by interactive learning specialists in collaboration with experienced content experts a recognized attestation of collegial studies is within your reach and it will help you acquire the skills for a successful career user friendly stimulating and efficient our interactive training is powered by cutting-edge technology in addition to e-learning modules you can speak with a knowledgeable tutor through email participate in discussion groups and even attend live virtual classes led by a tutor lasalle colleges reputation and credibility are well established founded in 1959 and known worldwide for its design programs the college allows thousands of students each year to obtain recognised qualifications in a broad international network institutions in nine countries reach for your future by choosing online training you're just a click away from success

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    June 26, 2019

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