Director's Welcome: Centre for Open, Distance and eLearning (CODeL)

good day my name is Maggie because Amos and I'm the director for the Center for open distance in eLearning in short we are referred to as Cordell it is indeed a great pleasure for me to welcome you to the Center for open distance and e-learning I salute all those students joining us for the current academic year for having secured a seat at our Center and I look forward to welcome all prospective students who wish to study with Cornell in the next academic year this is indeed the first step to its fulfillment of your educational dreams we hope that you gather the best of knowledge and experience while studying through distance mode cordial is an academic center at the university of namibia it was established through the merger of the center of external studies and the center for elearning and interactive multimedia in 2016 our role is to contribute to the university's vision mission values and in particular its strategy by providing high quality open and distance learning programs through the use of state-of-the-art information communication technologies following blended learning approaches as a hub for both print and electronic learning materials Cordell insurance greater access to higher education and equity for students from diverse educational backgrounds thus we promise to provide our prospective students with the best of facilities approaches and methods that support flexible learning self-directed learning collaborative learning convenient learning accessibility as well as enhanced choices for your studying each and every Cadell student should have a strong motivation to achieve his or her personal learning goals a desire for acquiring knowledge and believe in hard work discipline and sincerity we at Cordell will do our best in assisting you in achieving those without personal learning goals for most of you this might be the first time that you are studying through distance mode thus you might face problems trying to adjust to the new learning environment so know for sure that we are here to discuss any challenges that you may face and understand that the success of all students studying my Cadell is our main priority I thank you

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