Digital Technology & Social Change: course trailer

welcome to digital technology in social change a very important and very timely topic to talk about the digital age seems to be changing everything it changes the way the economy works including the labor market that you're about to enter it revolutionizes government in public administration it modernizes cultural production entertainment it transforms their health sector it changes the way people find and fall in love it triggers political revolutions and last but not least it seems to be changing education proof of concept being that I'm talking to you through a video recording there are lots of things we will have to talk about as profound as these ongoing transformations might be and many aspects of the digital revolution have been conceptualized so the fundamental message of this course is that it is extremely useful to confront our daily digital realities with some kind of conceptual frameworks in mind this helps to reduce anxiety and confusion and it also helps us to meaningfully participate and to proactively shape these ongoing dynamics so we talk about the fundamental theory of technological evolution and we are asked how technological change results in social progress we will visit the Schumpeterian notion of creative destruction that creates these incessant waves of social evolution we will also visit information theory and ask about the economic consequences of digitalization and we have to talk about big data this is almost inevitable digital footprint that we leave behind with every digital step we take we also study the theory of the diffusion of innovation through social network which results in the digital divide a quite very some new form of social inequality and inequality in access to digital information and of course we will have to talk about globalization which provides the historical context of the global digital revolution drawing from my personal decade-long experience of working at the forefront of international digital development at the United Nations Secretariat we will also ask the most important questions of them all and so what or what to do about it what are the particularities we have to consider when building strategies for the digital age you know our generation has the luck hmm and the honor and the responsibility to shape an error in which information and communication have become the driver of human progress now the best way of predicting an uncertain digital future consists in shaping it and that starts with understanding and studying its characteristics so I'm looking forward to go on this journey together with you as we are all apprentices in these very recent dynamics I'm sure we will learn a lot together and most important I'm also convinced it will be a lot of fun

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