Diginex Absolutely Embraces Regulation of Cryptos, CEO Says

just talk to you sort of about the process and and why a direct listing versus an IPO and sort of the cost I suppose you can avoid by doing that yeah it's more actually the speed so we get to market a lot quicker than a standard IPO standard IPO would take about nine months virus pack is about four months so you know via this process we get to be the first fully diversified blockchain play on NASDAQ when I say diversified I mean we cover our solutions business we cover out what we see as being the future of investment banking and our asset management business all right let's talk specifically because that's a lot of like jargon and when I hear blockchain I don't know whether that's enterprise blockchain or crypto currencies specifically so when you say that what do you mean what is blockchain solutions to so that that's that's a great question if you think about the solutions part of our business that's enterprise blockchain that's advising companies how to integrate blockchain technology into their overall corporate the future of investment banking is helping corporates start to issue digital security which is the way that we see the future of this space going a really interesting stat from the World Economic Forum recently was that by 2000 2027 they anticipate that 10% of world GDP is going to be listed on blockchain networks that's a 13 trillion dollar number and so that's what our future of investment banking that section of our business that's what is there to accommodate so will you talk about that growth though it's also attracting a lot of scrutiny of court including from regulators in fact this actually came up today when Fed Chairman Jerome Powell was on the Capitol Hill and I just want to take a listen to what he said and response to a question while the project sponsors hold out the possibility of public benefits including improved financial access for consumers Libra raises many serious concerns regarding privacy money-laundering consumer protection and financial stability these are concerns that should be thoroughly and publicly addressed for proceeding right so we're at the point now where we've got the Fed Chairman talking about this Congress talking about this regulation is coming one way or another do you fear that regulation or are you willing to parisa no we absolutely embrace regulation in fact our chief compliance officer is the global chair for the global digital finance organization which which advises regulators globally this is a really important thing for us we're drawn to regulation so we recently got our licenses in Hong Kong for our asset management business we're covered as a licensed representative of an FS FC a regulated entity in the UK for our corporate finance business and we're working with regulators globally to help them understand this space and what future can have talked to me about the types of clients that you see incorporating blockchain into their future throwing out examples I think of like a Boeing or a GE trying to put their supply chain on blockchain or a banking title company so I'm having to pay some guy to show up at my closing for $10,000 couldn't my title on my mortgage be done via blockchain I mean really what types of companies do you see really taking the lead on this yeah look we talk to all sorts of companies in this space investment banks through to real estate companies through to general corporates so the biggest thing that we help corporates with with with effectively enterprise blockchain is data integrity so if you think about a fungible non changeable record and you can start to hash documents onto that blockchain that's something that can help companies combat internal fraud which is a huge problem for most companies when it enterprise blockchain there's a lot of hype about it and you we hear all these times about trials and companies or joint partnerships or whatever it is and so far I don't get the impression that very much has materialized in terms of meaningful changes to business practices of companies what's going to change that I think that the implementation of data integrity solutions is actually huge because all corporates have a responsibility to their shareholders to make sure they're doing anything everything they can to mitigate against fraud and data integrity is a big part of that you know blocked Microsoft is actually rolling out an entire blockchain platform on their cloud services at zero and you know they're looking at rolling out full off-the-shelf solutions that people can take on board so yeah I mean there are quite a few solutions that have shipped and I think I think the future is very bright actually

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