Diesel Technology Program

My name is Jerry Tracy, I’m the diesel technology instructor here at ASUN. When students come into this program it’s a wide diversity of what they
already know but we tend to start with the basic service and maintenance, chassis and steering, suspension and brakes. We move into engines, fuel systems, and heavy-duty transmissions. The diesel technology part of it is a nine month program and then there is a month they spend on the CDL license. Well, I’ve been working on things my entire life just about everything that has an engine or runs. Well, the diesel technology program they teach you how to
work on worker trucks, semi’s, class eight’s and it’s something that I was always
interested in. I’ve talked to some friends that have gone through the program they said
they loved it here, great program. So I decided well why not join up and see what it was about. We were working since the first day of classes. I was even dress up you know clean and they put us to work. Nine/tenth’s of the work is
all hands on. Most of the program is practical, hands-on. Typically, my students go to work in the first couple of weeks if they don’t already have a job by the time they leave here. They’ll start out as a
Technician I or entry level. The pay is usually little better than if they could just
walked in off the street if they can even get a job interview at all. Students who
come here need be self motivated. They need to have a drive and the desire to want to fix problems. Troubleshooting is a
big part of this industry and if you like a good puzzle this is the game to go in to.

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